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-Catherine Knapp 
-Make sure ALEPH is open and not minimized before you begin. ​ Follow the directions provided by the quick wizard screens: 
-  - Click on the <Quick Wizards> icon on the left side of the screen. 
-  - Welcome to Macro Express Quick Wizards! ​ Choose <​Macro> ​ 
-  - Please Select a Wizard. ​  <​Capture a Macro> 
-  - Capture a Macro. ​ <​Next>  ​ 
-  - Do you wish to capture keystrokes? <Yes> 
-  - Do you wish to capture the mouse movements and clicks? <Yes> <​Screen>​ <Capture all mouse movements>​ 
-  - Do you wish the macro to play back <Choose your speed> ​ Note: The macro may not be able to keep up with speedier processes when the system is slow or if the macros shifts between screens.  ​ 
-  - The following is a list of all of the window titles. <​ALEPH...etc.> ​ Note: If "​ALEPH...(etc.) does not display, be sure the ALEPH window is open and not minimized before beginning creation of the macro. 
-  - Choose an activation for the macro. ​ <​Hotkey>​ 
-  - Select a hotkey from the list below <choose a hotkey> ​ Note: The hotkey may be keyed in.  ​ 
-  - Would you like this macro to <Play back in specific programs>​ Note: If you choose programs instead of windows your macros will survive program upgrades (i.e. Aleph upgrade from version 18 to 19).  ​ 
-  - Play back macro in specific program ​ <​SELECT>​ 
-  - Select ​ <​CATALOG.EXE>,​ <​ADD>,​ <OK> 
-  - Play back macro in specific programs <​NEXT>​ 
-  - Macro nickname <Name your macro> <​FINISH>​ 
-  - When you are ready to record, press <OK>, do your thing, then press the HOTKEY to stop macro. ​ Every mouse movement, key stroke, and text entry is recorded. 
-  - When recording is done, the program returns you to your macro list.  (I’m not sure if you need to press Ctrl S to save but I do just in case.) 
-  - To test the macro, place your cursor at the starting point and play.  VIOLA! 
-//​[[cknapp@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Catherine Knapp]]// 
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