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-**Mass Docs Cataloging Procedures**+**Mass Docs Cataloging Procedures** ​(updated 7/2/15)
-Mass Docs will be cataloged to the basement.+The Library now receives a small shipment of printed ​Mass. docs twice a year from the State Library
-Use the Mass doc number (099 field in bib record with spacing like this example: MASS. MA 52.1:981) that is written on the itembecause these will be stored in the basement Do NOT assign an LC call number.+Because UMass and the State are the only two libraries that hold paper version of Mass docswe will keep all print docs nowAccording to Alix Quan, librarian at the State Library, as a rule, keeps two paper copies
 +As far as digitizing our paper copy, Alix Quan says, "most, if not all, of the items we send in paper should have been digitized and in D Space (State Library'​s digital collection)by the time you receive them. I think it would be a very very small number (that is not digitized) since almost all of the material that is coming out in paper these days is also published electronically"​ She goes on to add that, "we should check with the State Library (Alix.Quan@state.ma.us) before digitizing to be sure there isn't a copy already." ​  
-For the item records:+Mass. docs received should be checked against the State Library'​s D Space (digital repository) to see if the State Library has a digital copy. (Do not rely on the State agency'​s website for a digital copy, as they often replaced when a newer version comes out). Any documents not found in D Space should be digitized at UMass, after following the instructions in the above paragraph to check with Alix Quan first. The need to digitize at UMass should be infrequent. 
 +Any new Mass Docs serials issues that are part of titles in basement storage (and already assigned a Mass docs number) should be added to that title and sent to basement storage. (Format and space the Mass docs number like this: MASS. MA 52.1:981) 
 +Any new monographs should be cataloged to the Du Bois stacks and assigned an LC call number. 
 +For the serial ​item records:
 Sublibrary: UMDUB Sublibrary: UMDUB
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