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 +====== Memberships - Creating Uniform Bibliographic Records ======
 +Often multiple serial titles come to us by virtue of a membership to a single organization. A bibliographic record that describes both the organization and the serial titles we receive should be created according to the following template:
 +  * 110 2   ​corporate body
 +  * 245  0  [MEMBERSHIP] / c corporate body **Note:** Putting “Membership” in brackets distinguishes these records from publications with the title Membership. Giving the name of the corporate body in the 245 will aid in searching the memberships.
 +  * 730 0 Title(s) that come on this membership. Add (Online) to the end of the title for electronic publications. If the title begins with an article, leave it off (or use a non-filing indicator in the first position)
 +There will be no holdings or item records attached to the bib record. An order record on which the membership is paid should be created. Order records for individual serial titles should refer to this master record.
 +A [[blanket_orders_memberships_and_blanket_payment_records|list of organizations]] from which we receive many or all of their titles because we are either members or have a blanket standing order is maintained.
 +--- //​[[cturner@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Christine Turner]]//
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