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-**Microfilm Acquisition Policy** 
-Libraries have developed and provided access to microfilm collections since the early 20th century. Microfilm is a medium with a long shelf life that libraries can use for preserving the scholarly record. With the introduction of digital resources and the conversion of continuing resources to online formats, many libraries have reduced or eliminated their collecting of microform materials. ​ 
-As an ARL library, and in support of our status as the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts,​ it is necessary that we continue to collect microfilm in a mindful and sustainable way.  
-__Cancel microfilm if:__ 
-The title is available through CRL 
-JSTOR provides access 
-The print subscription has been cancelled 
-The selector determines the title is no longer needed 
-Portico archives this AND we have a current electronic subscription 
-The title is available online in a reliable format 
-Convert to digital microfilm if available 
-If no digital microfilm is available, continue to receive microfilm for select titles for scholarly historical research 
-We will not bind journals when we receive microfilm 
-We will not bind magazines, due to the low quality of the paper which does not lend itself to archiving. Use PAM boxes for shelving magazines that we want to retain 
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