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 Format for inputting OCLC number into an Aleph record: Format for inputting OCLC number into an Aleph record:
-035 a(OCoLC)ocm12345678 ​(When OCLC# has 8 digits) +035 a(OCoLC)**ocm****00**123456 ​(When OCLC# has less than 8 digits ​add zero(s) to the beginning of the number to make the digits add up to 8 total)
 Or Or
- +035 a(OCoLC)**ocm**12345678 ​(When OCLC# has 8 digits)
-035 a(OCoLC)ocm00123456 ​(when OCLC# has fewer than 8 digits)+
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-035 a(OCoLC)ocn123456789 ​(When OCLC# has 9 digits) (Use ocn for 9-digit OCLC#s)+035 a(OCoLC)**ocn**123456789 ​(When OCLC# has 9 digits) (Use ocn for 9-digit OCLC#s) 
 +035 a(OCoLC)**on**1057361872 (When OCLC# has 10 digits) (Use on for 10-digit OCLC#s)
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