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 ====== Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes ====== ====== Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes ======
-UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access is as follows (as of 10/24/18): +UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access is as follows (as of 01/14/2022): 
-  * Cancellations of individual subscriptions: ​Do not set up PA. A cancelled publication ​is not deemed critical ​to support academic work at UMass+  * Cancellations of individual subscriptions: ​Mostly we are not retaining ​PA access but if publisher ​is known to retain PA, exceptions can be made. Many publishers are not reliably retaining PA access long-term. 
-  * Transferred ​or ceased individual subscription or package ejournals: Do not set up PA access EXCEPT for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier. Elsevier ​autoload maintains these titles in SFX. Springer ​is set up for an SFX autoload but is not yet tested or deemed reliable for PA so continue maintaining manually. A Wiley autoload request has been sent to ExLibrisOther publishers are not reliably retaining ​PA access ​long-term (e.gSage, Cambridge), ​and there is an increasing volume of titles migrating between packages requiring time to maintain accuracy of current access. +      * Publishers who have retained PA relatively reliably are: Cambridge, Taylor & Francis, De Gruyter, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer. 
 +      * Publishers who have NOT retained PA reliably are: Sage, Ovid, Oxford
 +  ​* Cancellations of Packages/​Databases:​ If the licenses allows for PCA, keep content activated. 
 +      ​* Transferred ​titles from package ejournals: Do not set up PA access EXCEPT for Springer, Wileyand Elsevier. ​The Elsevier ​and Springer ​entitlements KBARTS include ​PA, these will be loaded to HLM. 
 +  * Aleph PA records: ​cleanup project was completed by a student in 1/2019If PA access ​was not available in SFX, order records were changed from PA to CLSThese titles were migrated to HLMPA order records are no longer being added to Aleph and will not be migrated ​to FOLIO.
 ==== Perpetual access process ==== ==== Perpetual access process ====
-  * Aleph order records for Springer and Wiley individual subscriptions transfers and ceased only (not package titles). 
-     * Add a new standing order record with status PA and method of acquisition PX.  
-     * Add a note to the order record: PA, dates of access, location of access, current date, your initials. 
-  * SFX maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles. 
-     * Elsevier uses autoload. 
-     * Springer may eventually use autoload but currently PA is maintained manually in SPRINGER LINK JOURNALS STANDARD or NERL SPRINGER JOURNALS targets. 
-     * Wiley uses 2010 FULL COLLECTION, DATABASE MODEL (previous years), or WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY JOURNALS targets for PA. 
-     * Change the SFX date threshold and add an Internal Description note in the format "PA to (dates of access)."​ Internal notes are now exportable. 
   * EDS maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles.   * EDS maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles.
-     * Springer ​and Wiley are paid to EBSCO so PA should ​be maintained by EBSCO+     ​* ​Entitlements KBARTS for Elsevier & Springer ​will include PA for HLM upload. 
-     ​* ​Elsevier ​is maintained ​in HLM by uploading the SFX Elsevier autoload regularly, which should ​maintain PA. +         * Springer is paid to EBSCO which should ​allow SmartLinks+ to work to some extent for PA titles still recorded in EBSCONet from previous sub. years
 +     ​* ​Individual title transfers are not being tracked as closely anymore and may become out of sync for some providers. 
 +         * In cases where a new package ​is created every year this should be less obvious ​in HLM than it was in SFX. In cases where a package is re-used it should ​be caught by the review.
-//[[cknapp@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: ​Catherine Knapp]]//+//[[jmulvaney@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: ​Jack Mulvaney]]//
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