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 ====== Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes ====== ====== Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes ======
-UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access is as follows (as of 10/24/18): +UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access is as follows (as of 01/14/2022): 
-  * Cancellations of individual subscriptions: ​Do not set up PA. A cancelled publication ​is not deemed critical ​to support academic work at UMass+  * Cancellations of individual subscriptions: ​Mostly we are not retaining ​PA access but if publisher ​is known to retain PA, exceptions can be made. Many publishers are not reliably retaining PA access long-term. 
-  * Transferred ​or ceased individual subscription or package ejournals: Do not set up PA access EXCEPT for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier. Elsevier ​autoload maintains these titles in SFX. Springer ​is set up for an SFX autoload but is not yet tested or deemed reliable for PA so continue maintaining manually. A Wiley autoload request has been sent to ExLibris. Other publishers are not reliably retaining PA access long-term (e.g. Sage, Cambridge), and the volume of titles migrating between packages is increasing requiring time for maintenance of current subscriptions.  +      * Publishers who have retained PA relatively reliably are: Cambridge, Taylor & Francis, De Gruyter, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer. 
-  * Aleph PA records ​are not being maintained at this timealthough many exist due to varying UMass policies and publisher changes. PA order records ​were tested against access through SFX 1/2019. +      * Publishers who have NOT retained PA reliably are: Sage, Ovid, Oxford
 +  ​* Cancellations of Packages/​Databases:​ If the licenses allows for PCA, keep content activated. 
 +      ​* Transferred ​titles from package ejournals: Do not set up PA access EXCEPT for Springer, Wileyand Elsevier. ​The Elsevier ​and Springer ​entitlements KBARTS include ​PA, these will be loaded ​to HLM
 +  * Aleph PA records: A cleanup project was completed by a student in 1/2019. If PA access was not available in SFXorder records were changed from PA to CLS. These titles were migrated to HLM. PA order records ​are no longer being added to Aleph and will not be migrated to FOLIO.
 ==== Perpetual access process ==== ==== Perpetual access process ====
-  * SFX maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles. 
-     * Elsevier uses autoload. 
-     * Springer may eventually use autoload but currently PA is maintained manually in SPRINGER LINK JOURNALS STANDARD or NERL SPRINGER JOURNALS targets. 
-     * Wiley uses 2010 FULL COLLECTION, DATABASE MODEL (previous years), or WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY JOURNALS targets for PA. 
-     * For Springer and Wiley, change the SFX date threshold and add an Internal Description note in the format "PA to (dates of access)."​ Internal notes are now exportable. 
   * EDS maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles.   * EDS maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles.
-     * Springer ​and Wiley are paid to EBSCO so PA should ​be maintained by EBSCO+     ​* ​Entitlements KBARTS for Elsevier & Springer ​will include PA for HLM upload. 
-     ​* ​Elsevier ​is maintained ​in HLM by uploading the SFX Elsevier autoload regularly, which should ​maintain PA. +         * Springer is paid to EBSCO which should ​allow SmartLinks+ to work to some extent for PA titles still recorded in EBSCONet from previous sub. years
 +     ​* ​Individual title transfers are not being tracked as closely anymore and may become out of sync for some providers. 
 +         * In cases where a new package ​is created every year this should be less obvious ​in HLM than it was in SFX. In cases where a package is re-used it should ​be caught by the review.
-//[[cknapp@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: ​Catherine Knapp]]//+//[[jmulvaney@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: ​Jack Mulvaney]]//
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