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 ====== Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes ====== ====== Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes ======
-UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access is as follows (as of 9/17): +UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access is as follows (as of 10/24/18): 
-  * Individual subscription cancellationsSet up and maintain ​PA if publisher ​is known to retain access, and if title is online only+  * Cancellations of individual subscriptionsDo not set up PA. A cancelled publication ​is not deemed critical ​to support academic work at UMass.  
-  * Ejournal transferred or ceased ​titles: ​Set up and maintain ​PA for Wiley, Elsevierand Sage titles. +  * Transferred ​titles ​from package ejournalsDo not set up PA access EXCEPT ​for Springer, ​Wiley, ​and Elsevier. The Elsevier and Springer autoloads maintain these titles ​in SFX, although Springer journals are still being tested and backup targets are being maintained (3/2019)A Wiley autoload request has been sent to ExLibris.  
- +  * Individual subscriptionsMostly we are not retaining PA access but if publisher is known to retain PA, exceptions ​can be made. Many publishers are not reliably retaining PA access long-term
-==== Publisher Polices ==== +      Publishers who have retained PA relatively reliably are: Taylor & Francis, De Gruyter, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer
-To try to determine publisher policies on continued access check the following+      Publishers who have NOT retained PA reliably areSage, Ovid, Cambridge, Oxford. 
-  * See [[http://​coral.library.umass.edu/​umacoral/​licensing/​index.php | CORAL Licenses]] for most accurate information. Publisher licenses/​contacting the publisher is the best bet. +          * I am currently testing Cambridge'​s reliabilitySome things are disappearing,​ others are notI am trying to see how they are treating PA for individual subscriptions vspackage transfers
-  * EBSCONet ​can be helpful if title was purchased from this site+  * Aleph PA records. A cleanup project was completed by a student in 1/2019If PA access ​was not available ​in SFX, order records were changed from PA to CLSPA order records are no longer being added to Aleph
-  See the list of publishers below (may be outdated)+
-  See [[http://etas.jusp.jisc.ac.uk/search/| NISO journal transfer database search]] +
-  * See [[http://www.portico.org/​digital-preservation/​the-archive-content-access/content-in-the-archive | Portico content list.]] +
-  * May be useful ​to find out where access is preserved: [[https://​thekeepers.org/ | The Keepers Registry.]] +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
 ==== Perpetual access process ==== ==== Perpetual access process ====
-  * Cancellations:​ Determine if publisher is likely to retain access on publisher'​s site. If so, set up PA. +  * SFX maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles
-     ​* ​Print + Online: Do not set up PA if cancelled. +     ​* ​Elsevier uses autoload which includes all perpetual access content
-  * Aleph order records: For individual subscriptions only+     ​* ​Springer uses autoload which includes all perpetual access content, although journal targets are being maintained until testing is completed (3/2019)
-     ​* ​Add a new standing order record with status PA and method of acquisition PX.  +     ​* ​Wiley uses 2010 FULL COLLECTIONDATABASE MODEL (previous years)or WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY JOURNALS targets for PA. Change the SFX date threshold and add an Internal Description note in the format "PA to (dates of access)."​ Internal notes are now exportable. 
-     ​* ​Add a note to the order record: PAdates of accesslocation of access, current date, your initials. +  * EDS maintenance ​of PA for SpringerWiley and Elsevier ​titles. 
-  * SFX: For all PA. +     ​Springer ​and Wiley are paid to EBSCO so PA should be maintained ​by EBSCO
-     ​* ​Change the SFX threshold and add an Internal Description note in the format "PA to (dates of access)."​ Internal notes are now exportable. +     * Elsevier ​is maintained ​in HLM by uploading the SFX Elsevier autoload regularlywhich should ​maintain ​PA.
-  * If a target is completely deactivated,​ add target name to R/​S:​\Acquisitions\SFX\SFX sort services config\SFX Target changes 071415 +
- +
- +
- +
-==== Portico ==== +
-  * Titles may only be access in Portico when content is no longer available elsewhere. The only exception is temporary failure ​of a publisher site or inability to access content globally. Then Librarians may retrieve content on a per request basis, but users may not be allowed access. See [[http://​www.portico.org/​digital-preservation/​ | Portico.]] +
- +
-==== Publisher Policies ==== +
-As of 4/25/18 publisher/​platform perpetual access policies are listed below. Some information may be out of date or missing. +
-^ Publisher ^ Perpetual Access Policy ^ +
-| ACS SuperBundle,​ American Chemical Society, 2016 license. | Perpetual access ​for subscription titles during time of subscription with payment of fee. | +
-| American Mathematical Society2007 license. | Individual p+o titles. No PA at termination of license. Previously found: Perpetual access at Portico for years paid. Email Portico participation@portico.org for access ​and scans of invoices will be requested.| +
-| Bio One | Package (with few transfers). Perpetual access to years paid. Also uses LOCKSS and Portico (Portico requires registration and proof of sub/​purchase.) | +
-| Brill | Individual subs. "After canceling a subscription,​ you get perpetual access to the volumes you subscribed to from current content (i.e. content published from year 2000)."​ website 1/2012 | +
-| Cambridge Journals Online, NERL 2016 rev license. ​ | NERL package. For transfers, Cambridge will make reasonable endeavors to maintain PA for titles ​to the years to which we subscribed with a NERL licenseIf unable to do so, Cambridge will provide a usable (electronic) copy. | +
-| Canadian Mathematical Society | No perpetual access.| +
-| De Gruyter | Individual subs. Retain access to paid years, per De Gruyter support, 1/17. | +
-| Duke, e-Duke Scholarly Collection. | Package. For transfers, Duke uses best efforts to ensure that access is retained (we currently only have package activated in SFX 4/18). | +
-| Elsevier ScienceDirect,​ 2018-2022 license. | Perpetual access to online for subscribe-to-years as long as UMass remains a ScienceDirect online subscriber. | +
-| Geological Society (UK) | Individual sub. Perpetual access to years paid but must **request** when cancellation is made. | +
-| Guilford Press | Individual sub. Access to issues of years in which we paid, for at least 10 years. | +
-| Indiana Magazine of History/​Indiana University | JSTOR Current Scholarship program - PA back to first "born digital"​ issue. | +
-|Institute of Physics, IOP, 2016 license. | At end of license, content will be made available on web site for a fee or by disc. | +
-| International Press | Individual sub. Per Ebsconet, perpetual access to all content up to and including last-paid subscription year is retained. ​ | +
-| John Benjamins | Individual sub. Perpetual access ​to years paid for print (subs are print+free online) from 2000 -  | +
-| JSTOR | Individual subscriptions that leave JSTOR DO NOT RETAIN ​PA ACCESS! 9/16 | +
-| Liverpool University Press | Individual sub. Perpetual access to online even for years we paid for print. ​ | +
-| OECD iLibrary | Package (with few transfers). Perpetual access to all subscribed content and archive since 1998. | +
-| Ovid, 2008 license.| Nursing package and individual subs. Perpetual access to online for years we paid for online. Package titles retain perpetual access. ​ | +
-| Oxford Journals, NERL 2018-2020 license. | Oxford will ensure access is provided ​by new publisher and that journal content remains accessible during transfer porcess. Agreement with Portico as 3rd party archive, requiring verification of payment +
-| Pion  | Individual sub. Perpetual access to online for years we paid for online. | +
-| Project Muse Standard Collection. | Package. Unable to locate license for journal package. Per EBSCONet, post-cancellation PA is archival (non-searchable) file on DVD-ROM. Ebook license says access continues as long as there is an active Project Muse Journal sub in placeother wise there is a fee for continuing access. | +
-| Sage Premier, 2012 NERL license. | For transferred titles, Sage will try to retain continuing access or negotiate access with new publisher. Per ConsortiaManager and section XIV of Sage license we should ​have PA back to 1999. PA is based on current license agreement which can affect titles transferring out. 1/9/18 | +
-| SpringerNature,​ 2018-2020 license. | Perpetual access may be retained online, transferred to new provider, or provided offline. ​ | +
-| Taylor & Francis, 2007 license. | Perpetual access to online for years we paid for online. All titles are individual subscription?​ | +
-| Thieme, 2018 license. | Unable to locate PA info about transfers, but see evidence that PA is not maintained. PA for ceased titles is maintainted. | +
-| University of Wisconsin | Per Ebsconet, perpetual access to years we paid. | +
-| Wiley Online Library - Database Model package, 2016-2018 license. | Perpetual access generally back to 1997, or when Wiley started publication. Either on Wiley'​s server or archival copy. Wiley has designated Portico as a post-cancellation access provider. Titles free with bundle retain access|+
-//[[cknapp@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: ​Catherine Knapp]]//+//[[jmulvaney@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: ​Jack Mulvaney]]//
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