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-As part of the University Libraries'​ patent and trademark depository library status, there is a complete file of plant patents issued in the Science and Engineering Library. 
-All plant patents issued are either print or microfiche, and are in file cabinets on the SEL 3rd Floor East. (Note: there is no offical electronic version issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because the image reproduction of the detailed photographs is not sufficient. 
-Plant Patents 1-10,000 are in microfiche, in acid free folders in the very front of the first file cabinet. Plant Patents 10,001+ are paper, and are filed after the microfiche in several file cabinets. 
-There are catalog records for the plant patents in WorldCat and Aleph. Look for the following: 
-United States Plant patent (SCI REF QK46.U54) 
-United States Plant patent (SCI REF MICROFICHE 101) 
-(waiting for Paulina) 
-maintained by Cynthia Spell [spell@library.umass.edu] 
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