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 ====== Routing Notes for New Books ====== ====== Routing Notes for New Books ======
 +Routing Notes are placed in the Library Note field of an item's order record (usually by Rebecca), and are transfered to a routing slip inserted into the book by the person who receives the item (Susan, for the majority of monographic items.)
 +**Cat to Ref** : This order will be given the code of "​URF"​ in the "​Collection"​ field in its item record.
-In order to standardize notes placed ​on book requests and eliminate ​the need for interpretation,​ we propose the following :+**Show Ref** - This order will be put on the Ref Consideration shelves after receipt.
-**Cat to Ref** This order will be placed with a location code of uaur and on receipt ​will be sent directly ​to Information Processing or Original Cataloging.+**Cat to Ref latest vol.** This item will be cat to Ref. The earlier edition already in Reference ​will be sent to the stacks.
-**Show Ref** - This order will be put on the Ref Consideration shelves upon receipt.+**De-Ref earlier vol.** - This note is not necessary and is covered under “Ref latest vol.
-**Cat to Ref latest vol.** - This order will have a location code of uaur and on receipt will be cat to Ref. The earlier edition already in Reference will be sent to the stacks. +**Notify** - NOTE: Notify notes are no longer placed on slips, only in the "​Library Note" field of the order record, except in cases where there are multiple "​Notify"​ or "​Hold"​ requests for the same item. This note is put on orders when selectors feel a Professor or other patron might want to be notified about the receipt of a book in their subject area.  When the item is received, notice is sent to the patron via email, at which point they can put a hold on the item if they so chooseWhen recording this note, please use the patron'​s complete name and e-mail address.
- +
-**De-Ref earlier vol.** - This note is not necessary ​and is covered under “Ref latest vol.+
-**Notify** - This note is put on orders when selectors feel a Professor might want to be notified about the receipt of a book in their subject area.  When the item is received notice is sent to the professor via emailat which point they can put a hold on the item if they so choose. When using this note please ​use the patron'​s complete name and department or address.+**Hold for** - This note is used for professorsstaff, and students who have requested an item.  These materials receive rush treatment. When using this noteplease ​give the patron'​s complete name and e-mail ​address.  If a class name and semester is indicated in the order record for a book that is to be on reserve for a class, transfer that information to the routing slip as well.
-**Hold for** - This note is used for professors, staff, and students who have requested an item.  These materials receive rush treatment. When using this note, please give complete full name, e-mail, and address. 
-**Show ?? on arrival** - ALL of these books will be put on the “Show Coll. Dev.” shelf above the Ref Consideration shelves ​in the Approval Room except for Special Collections who will be called when theirs arrive. Please cross your name off the routing slip after you have seen the book.+If in doubt about the relevence of information provided ​in an order record'​s Library Note field, consult Susan or Rebecca, or simply transfer ​the information to a routing slip exactly as it's found in the order record'​s Library Note field.
 //​[[sep@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Susan Pease]]// //​[[sep@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Susan Pease]]//
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