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-====== Creating Search Widgets for Electronic Resources ====== 
-===== Generating code ===== 
-  * Go to the Alexander Street Press page with links to text files for different databases at [[http://​alexanderstreet.com/​resources/​widgets.htm]] 
-  * Select the link for the database you want 
-  * Go to the section ON-CAMPUS AND OFF-CAMPUS USERS (Authentication through a proxy server) 
-  * Copy and paste the script code for javascript and the remaining code 
-  * In the line - <input type="​hidden"​ id="​proxyurl"​ name="​proxyurl"​ value="​http://​YOUR_PROXY_URL_GOES_HERE"​ />, replace "​http://​YOUR_PROXY_URL_GOES_HERE"​ with "​http://​silk.library.umass.edu/​login?​url="​ 
-==== EBSCO ==== 
-  * Go to the toolkit at [[http://​supportforms.epnet.com/​eit/​searchboxbuilder/​]] 
-  * Select the databases you want to include in the search set 
-  * Enter the proxy prefix in the authentication box: http://​silk.library.umass.edu/​login?​url= and select “IP address” and “referring url” 
-  * Follow the remaining steps – box style, title, etc. 
-  * Create search box and copy code from box. 
-==== CSA ==== 
-  * Go to [[http://​www.csa.com]] 
-  * Select “Quick Link-Administrative Tools” from left column 
-  * Sign in with UN and PW (See Administrative Interfaces section of [[usernames_and_passwords_for_electronic_resources]] for login). 
-  * Select “Search Widget” tab 
-  * Select and move database(s) to include in search 
-  * Enter proxy prefix: http://​silk.library.umass.edu/​login?​url= 
-  * Select search box style options. Note: recommend increasing “Length of text box” to max. 60 
-  * Create search box and copy code from box. 
-==== ProQuest ==== 
-NOTE: This is for databases on the new ProQuest platform. 
-  * Go to the ProQuest database of your choice. 
-  * Select "My Research"​ in the upper right of the page. 
-  * Select the "​Widgets"​ tab. 
-  * Under "​Widget Preview"​ make your selections for widget layout and widget selection. 
-  * Select "Get Widget"​ and copy the code from the box. 
-==== Gale ==== 
-  * Go to [[http://​access.gale.com/​widgets]] and select "​Create"​ next to the database of choice 
-**//Or first create a subcollection of GVRL titles//** 
-  * Go to [[http://​infotrac.galegroup.com/​itconfig/​mlin_w]] 
-  * Sign in with UN and PW (See Administrative Interfaces section of [[usernames_and_passwords_for_electronic_resources]] for login) 
-  * From the left column, select "ebook subcollections"​ 
-  * Follow steps to create a subcollection of Gale Virtual Reference Library titles of your choice. You can also add or delete titles within a subcollection here 
-  * Enter our location code (see Administrative Interfaces section of [[usernames_and_passwords_for_electronic_resources]]) 
-  * Customize widget as you like and select "​Create"​ 
-  * Choose a "Web Embedding Option"​. HTML seems to work best in LibGuides 
-  * Copy the code provided into your source. 
-**NOTE:** I have submitted our proxy server URL to Gale, so the prefix will be automatically added to the widget. 
-===== Pasting code ===== 
-NOTE: Code includes javascript, so you can insert it to a system that supports it, such as an html page or a LibGuide. The library content management system and university blogs do not support javascript. 
-  * Login to your LibGuide and add a new box=Rich Text/​Dynamic Content/​Scripts. Give title and create box. 
-  * Select “Add text” to generate editor and move from “Rich Text Editor” (default) to “Plain Text Editor”. IMPORTANT NOTE: Code seems to get chopped off if added and saved in the Rich Text Editor. 
-  * Paste widget code into Plain Text Editor and add any explanatory text, such as what databases are included in search. Save changes. ​ 
-===== Troubleshooting ===== 
-  * A space randomly inserted between the proxy prefix and the Ebsco url in the code breaks the search, but it can be fixed by removing that space by hand.  
-  * If you have a trouble with a widget, contact [[cturner@library.umass.edu|Christine Turner]] and I’d be happy to work with you to fix it. 
---- //​[[cturner@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Christine Turner]]// 
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