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 ===== Generating code ===== ===== Generating code =====
 +  * Go to the Alexander Street Press page with links to text files for different databases at [[http://​alexanderstreet.com/​resources/​widgets.htm]]
 +  * Select the link for the database you want
 +  * Go to the section ON-CAMPUS AND OFF-CAMPUS USERS (Authentication through a proxy server)
 +  * Copy and paste the script code for javascript and the remaining code
 +  * In the line <input type="​hidden"​ id="​proxyurl"​ name="​proxyurl"​ value="​http://​YOUR_PROXY_URL_GOES_HERE"​ />, put http://​silk.library.umass.edu/​login?​url= within the value= quotes.
 ==== EBSCO ==== ==== EBSCO ====
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   * Select search box style options. Note: recommend increasing “Length of text box” to max. 60   * Select search box style options. Note: recommend increasing “Length of text box” to max. 60
   * Create search box and copy code from box.   * Create search box and copy code from box.
 +==== ISI Web of Knowledge ====
 +  * Go to [[http://​wokinfo.com/​webtools/​searchbox/​]]
 +  * Select databases you want included in the search
 +  * Generate and copy the code
 +  * In the first line of the code (form method) replace the string http://​gateway.isiknowledge.com/​gateway/​Gateway.cgi with http://​gateway.isiknowledge.com.silk.library.umass.edu/​gateway/​Gateway.cgi. This will ensure that off-campus users get the proxy authentication page.
 ==== ProQuest ==== ==== ProQuest ====
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