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-(Aleph Workflow--Information Resources Management)\\ ​ 
-(Working Draft, 2/2/08) 
-====== Serials Ceased Titles ====== 
-===== Serial Receivers ===== 
-  - Retrieve unbound issues and pam box from the Current Periodical Room, Templok (Main stacks) or branch library as appropriate. ​ Do not retrieve any Reference locations. 
-  - Count as ceased on monthly statistics sheet. 
-  - Call up record. Hit Show, hit Serials.You will be in [K] Checkin mode. 
-    * Under __1. All__ (top screen), highlight last item of old title, go to 2. Arrival Form (bottom screen), and insert in the Internal Note field: ​ CEASED. To C&P, [mo-dy-yr],​[initials]. ​ Hit Update. 
-    * Under Expected/​Not Arrived (top screen), highlight and delete any expected issues beyond last issue of this title, if they exist. 
-    * Print call number label. ​ Attach label to Serials Information form, write Aleph bib. number and “ceased” on form. 
-    * Go to Subscription List (1).  Under 2. Subscription Info. (1), change To Date: to the date of the end of the subscription. ​ Hit update. 
-  - Order Record. (Icon on farthest left.) ​ 
-    * Under __2. General__, enter  CLS (Order Closed) 
-    * Under __3. Vendor__, enter Subscription End: date of last issue/end of subscription. ​ Hit Update. ​ (Note certain fields may have to be adjusted, such as Material Type (S should be SE (serials) and List Price may require an entry of 0.01) 
-  - Give issues, Serial Information Form and other information regarding the cessation (for example, notices/​letters from vendors or publishers),​ to Serials Cataloging Assistant.  ​ 
-===== Serials Cataloging Assistant ===== 
-  - If the title was cataloged to a Reference location, email Reference (or ISEL) to notify them that the title has ceased (give title and Aleph bib. number) and that if they want to remove it from Reference, they should bring the volume(s) to the Serials Cataloging Assistant, or relabel it/them at ISEL and arrange with the Serials Cataloging Assistant to do the transfer in Aleph. 
-  - If the title was cataloged as “Latest vol. only retained” and we are not keeping any of the pieces, retrieve the pieces and discard and count as discards on statistics sheet, delete the record from Aleph and remove our holdings from OCLC. 
-==== Bibliographic record ==== 
-  - Make a printout of OCLC record if necessary, or overlay record if necessary. ​ Base any updates on OCLC record printout and/or last issue. ​ 
-  - Call up Aleph record in the Cataloging Module. ​ Recatalog to update/​close/​add appropriate fixed and variable fields referring to OCLC printout and last issue: ​ revise 362 field, fixed field publication status and dates field data as necessary. ​  Key any other revisions necessary. ​ If changing or adding subject or author fields, enter a 928 field with AUTHORITY in caps. 
-  - Some cessations are because of a title change, requiring a 785.  Check OCLC record, or construct information obtained from another source, such as the vendor. 
-==== HOL record ==== 
-  - Update 866 field to remove “-” at end of holdings and add two slashes at end of holdings statement, if we hold the last issue of title. ​ Add a 590 and insert: ​ “Record ceased per [letter, OCLC, phone call etc.], [mo-dy-yr],​[initials]. ​ Add a 952 subfield z (if necessary), and insert: ​ Ceased with …[vol., issue, date] as it appears in the holdings statement. 
-  - Change location if a transfer. ​ (Add a new HOL record or edit the existing one, depending on whether our holdings are split; link items to appropriate HOL record.) 
-==== Periodicals:​ Item records ==== 
-  - Collapse unbound issues into one item for the bound volume that will result, and enter an Item Process Status of BH (In Process (pre-bindery)),​ and "​CEASED,​ [date], [initials] in the Internal Note field. ​ For Science and Current News.& Mags. titles, make sure items and subscription are linked to the UPER HOL record and delete the UPERC HOL record. ​ Be sure to include the unbound issues going for binding in the 866 of the UPER HOL record. 
-  - Give issues to Bindery person. 
-==== Serials: Item records ==== 
-  - Access item list.  In Internal Note field of last item, enter note: “CEASED, [date], [initials].” 
-  - Make sure unnecessary items are deleted. 
-  - Create new item record(s) for volumes(s) if any exist. ​ Affix bar code and link them, if not going to bindery. Under General Information (1), enter PC into the Item Process Status field, and send to end processing. 
-//​[[lucyd@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi]]//​. 
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