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 ==== SFX Documentation and User's Guides ==== ==== SFX Documentation and User's Guides ====
 See [[http://​knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/​SFX/​Product_Documentation/​01_Version_4.0 | SFX users guides.]] See [[http://​knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/​SFX/​Product_Documentation/​01_Version_4.0 | SFX users guides.]]
 +==== sort_services.config ====
 +When target precedence on SFX menus needs a general update, use the sort_services.config file and activate by wizard.
 +  * Export active targets.
 +  * Check active targets against SFX Admin/UNIX File Manager/​config/​sort_services.config. This config file is organized by most reliable publishers, lesser reliable publishers, aggregators and databases, newspapers, ebooks, open access and free, and target and menu services other than getFullTxt. Do not include bX.
 +  * Go to SFX Admin > Menu Configuration > Menu Design > Simplified Template and Mobile Configuration > Service Precedence – take a snip copy of “Chosen service types” (do not include bX or use getRecommendation for bX), which should be: getFullTxt, getSelectedFullTxt,​ getMessageNoFullTxt,​ getHolding, getDocumentDelivery. Make sure these remain when process is finished.
 +  * SFX Admin > Menu Configuration > Menu Design > Simplified Template and Mobile Configuration > Target Precedence. ​ Run Import Precedence Wizard.
 +       * Select Basic services config.
 +       * Uncheck all but sort_services_config_ ​   AND    basic_grouping.config_ (may need to click through intro screen first)
 +       * SAVE
 +  * Check sample changes on SFX menus.
 ==== Support Cases ==== ==== Support Cases ====
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