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 ==== Batch Receiving of Shelf-Ready Books ==== ==== Batch Receiving of Shelf-Ready Books ====
 +  * Watch for books with SEL call numbers that lack SEL designation,​ and set aside for individual receiving.
 +  * Go to Bulk Arrival screen in Aleph
 +  * Enter invoice number and click “refresh filter.”
 +  * Look for information in “Requester Name” field
 +  * Take books with information in this field out of shipment (Notify and Hold books)
 +  * Receive these book individually. Give rush books an item processing status of “NI,” and give them to Circulation. Put “Notify” books back on truck. ​
 +  * Take any books with volume/​part/​etc information on their spine labels off of truck and receive individually,​ making any necessary corrections
 +  * After receiving Notify/​Hold, ​ multi-vol books, and any other books with problems, return to Bulk Arrival Screen, refresh, and click “Arrive All” button
 +  * Wand in one book after bulk receiving the shipment, to make sure that the status has been automatically updated to "​PW."​ If it has not, see Steve Bischoff
 +  * Separate SEL books from Main library books
 +  * Wand in SEL books individually,​ changing “PW” status in item record to “NI.”
 +  * Insert blank routing slips in SEL books and place on Science shelf
 +  * Put books going to Main library stacks on New Book Shelf truck
 +  * Give invoice to Rebecca
 ==== Processing Procedures for Each Book (Before Batch Receiving was implemented) ==== ==== Processing Procedures for Each Book (Before Batch Receiving was implemented) ====
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