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-IRM accepts requests for special projects on a routine basis. ​ 
-Project requests should be submitted through the LibWire ticket system, specifically as an [[http://​intranet.library.umass.edu/​intranet/​SupportDesk/​view.cfm?​MenuID=27&​action=Create&​FormID=7|Aleph Help Form]] or [[http://​intranet.library.umass.edu/​intranet/​SupportDesk/​view.cfm?​MenuID=27&​action=Create&​FormID=7|LibWire Discovery Systems Help Form]]. ​ 
-Once a ticket is opened, it is reviewed by IRM leadership for prioritization and assigned to an IRM staffer as appropriate. ​ 
-Materials should not be brought directly to IRM. Once a ticket is assigned, IRM will coordinate movement of materials if this is necessary to process the request. 
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