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-====== IRM Staff Directory ====== 
-^ Name ^ Title ^ Unit ^ Phone ^ Email ^ Duties ^ 
-| Rebecca **Addison** | Monograph Acquisitions Specialist | Acquisitions | 7-0838 | [[rebecca@library.umass.edu]] |ordering & invoicing of monographic materials including dvds, ebooks, and music scores| 
-| Meghan Banach **Bergin** | Bibliographic Access and Metadata Coordinator | Bibliographic Access and Metadata | 5-6846 | [[mbergin@library.umass.edu]] | Supervise the Bibliographic Access and Metadata Unit, Electronic resources cataloging, Open Content Alliance/​Internet Archive cataloging, Electronic Theses and Dissertations,​ LOCKSS, Digital Preservation,​ Metadata, IRM Wiki Co-Administrator |  
-| Lucy **deGozzaldi** | Senior Cataloging Assistant | Bibliographic Access and Metadata | 7-0578 | [[lucyd@library.umass.edu]] | serials/​monograph cataloging and records management, problem solving in the Internet Archive and other sources, statistics, clean-up projects using Aleph Services and ARC, batch-loading using Aleph Services, biweekly OCLC updates, ETD uploads to ScholarWorks | 
-|Heather **Deirdre** |Electronic Resources Specialist | Acquisitions | 5-6733 |[[hdeirdre@library.umass.edu]] |Electronic resource access issues, SFX issues, dbhelp services, acquiring eresources, assist in renewal process, process invoices.| 
-| Sharon **Domier** | Five College East Asian Studies Librarian | Bibliographic Access and Metadata | 7-2633 | [[sdomier@library.umass.edu]] | East Asian Acquisitions,​ Cataloging, reference and instruction for UMass, Smith College and Amherst College | 
-| Linda **Fish** | Materials Management Assistant | Materials Management Team | 7-0482 | [[lfish@library.umass.edu]] |materials processing, backup for FastCat receiving, backup for receiving Promptcat books, linking monographs, locating RUSH monographs for patron requests from Stacks Management and ILL| 
-| Catherine **Knapp** | Electronic Resources Specialist | Acquisitions | 7-0579 | [[cknapp@library.umass.edu]] | SFX KB maintenance,​ server file maintenance,​ troubleshooting/​reporting,​ updates, new functionality implementation,​ statistics. Vendor/​publisher issues, platform changes. Assist with maintenance of EDS linking and CORAL. ​ Involvement in 5C ERM.  | 
-| Lorraine **James** | Book Repair Coordinator | Materials Management Team | 7-2387 |[[ljames@library.umass.edu]]|In-house book repair, custom enclosures for SCUA materials, bindery coordinator for monographs, preservation outreach and education | 
-| Ann **Kardos** | Metadata Librarian (Digital Resources) | Metadata | 5-6889 |[[annk@library.umass.edu]]|videorecordings,​ anything digital and/or "​different"​ (electronic finding aids, e-resources,​ 3D-printed materials, data resources), print monographs in all Roman-alphabet and Russian Cyrillic languages; rush cataloging in all formats; other stuff nobody else wants to catalog; general questions on cataloging in general and RDA in particular| 
-| Sally **Krash** | Department Head | Information Resources Management | 5-68651 | [[krash@library.umass.edu]] | Provides leadership for resource acquisitions,​ bibliographic access & metadata, materials management, and discovery & integrated library systems units. | 
-| Rick **Leveille** | Database Analyst/​Programmer | Discovery and Resource Management Systems | 5-6893 | [[leveille@library.umass.edu]] | Computer programming to retrieve information from library databases, modify data records, load  patron information from campus sources to Aleph, and extract data for invoicing and billing exports to campus. ​ Configuration and installation of ILS client software, and administration of database software. | 
-| Marcelle **Lipke** | Senior Cataloging Assistant | Bibliographic Access and Metadata| 5-2164 |[[mplipke@library.umass.edu]]| Cataloging, music processing, discards, reinstatements,​ withdrawals| 
-| Linda **Merritt** | Materials Management Assistant | Materials Management Team | 5-6863 | [[lmerritt@library.umass.edu]] |bindery monographs materials processing, receiving and copy cataloging of DVDs and NY Times best sellers, linking of ILL rush and other monographs | 
-| Diana **Pacunas** | Serial Cataloging Specialist | Bibliographic Access and Metadata | 5-6849 | [[ladydi@library.umass.edu]] | De-refs and transfers; serials receiving, cancellations,​ title changes, cessations, new titles, prediction patterns and serials bindery operations | 
-| Susan **Pease** | Metadata Specialist | Metadata Unit |  5-6853 ​ |[[sep@library.umass.edu]]|receiving and copy cataloging printed monographs, including rush items, childrens'​ and art approval plan books, added copy and added volume cataloging, assistance and training in processing of shelf-ready items| 
-| Judy **Rohan** | Serials Acquisitions Assistant | Acquisitions | 7-1951 | [[rohan@library.umass.edu]] | ordering/​invoicing/​troubleshooting of print serials/​periodicals,​ e-journal package reviews, electronic title transfers, government document workflow | 
-| Scott **Stangroom** | Acquisitions Coordinator | Acquisitions | 5-6724 |[[stangroom@library.umass.edu]]|acquisitions,​ licensing, budget administration and reporting| 
-| Mary Ann **Stoddart** | ALEPH Systems Coordinator | Discovery and Resource Management Systems | 7-0930 | [[stoddart@library.umass.edu]] | Coordinates the overall operation and technical operations of the Integrated Library System (ILS)  with staff in the UMass/​Amherst Libraries and Five College staff. ​ Duties include supporting , customizing and  editing Aleph tables, creating and maintaining user accounts, extracting and manipulating data files to support library needs, assisting with problem solving in all modules and coordinating the Aleph support desk, and training staff to use ARC and Aleph Services to create reports.| 
-| Christine **Turner** | Electronic Resources Librarian | Acquisitions | 7-1026 |[[cturner@library.umass.edu]]|acquisitions,​ collection assessment, licensing, usage data, EZProxy, CORAL administration| 
-| Nancy **Washburn** | Electronic Resources Specialist | Acquisitions | 5-6728 |[[nwas@library.umass.edu]] ​ |Serials bindery, E-resources database maintenance | 
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