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-====== Stamping Volumes ====== 
-In order to have the words "​UMASS/​Amherst Library"​ appear on each item 
-in the library, stamp each item with a rubber stamp called an ownership 
-stamp, identification stamp, ID stamp, or property stamp. Use a black 
-Stamp the top edge and the fore edge of each volume. (It doesn'​t matter 
-which way the printing faces.) There are two sizes of stamp: choose the 
-largest one which will fit the edge of the book. 
-If there are any loose maps or parts in a pocket, stamp each loose piece 
-with the smallest stamp. If possible, stamp in a blank space on the upper 
-right corner of the piece as it is placed in its pocket. If there is no 
-blank space there, find a blank space, such as near the legend or on the 
-unprinted border or on the verso (reverse side) of the piece. 
-If the book is too thin to be stamped on the edges, then use the smallest 
-rubber stamp to stamp the outside cover in the upper right hand corner and 
-also stamp the verso (reverse side) of the title page, in the upper left 
-corner or in a blank space. Never stamp the title page! (See Fig. 4.4) 
-When a book is too thin to be stamped on the edges, but its cover is too 
-shiny to absorb the stamp'​s ink, type UMASS/​Amherst Library on a 
-label, cut off the excess white space, and apply the label to the upper 
-right corner of the front cover. Also stamp the verso of the title page, as 
-in the paragraph above. ​ 
- --- //​[[lfish@library.umass.edu|Linda Fish]] 2009/05/14 11:25// 
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