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kgberry [Information Resources Management (IRM)]
Line 9: Line 9:
 [[https://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​libraries_content_and_discovery/​|Content & Discovery Showcase 2018]]\\ [[https://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​libraries_content_and_discovery/​|Content & Discovery Showcase 2018]]\\
-{{:irm_chart_2017.pdf|IRM Organizational Chart}}\\+{{:2019aprilirmpersonnelchart.pdf |IRM Organizational Chart}}\\
 {{:​irmmajorunitactivities2017.pdf|IRM Major Unit Activities}}\\ {{:​irmmajorunitactivities2017.pdf|IRM Major Unit Activities}}\\
-{{{{:​irmpersonnelchart2019jan.pdf|IRM Personnel Chart 2019}}\\+[[evolving_workflows_-_2016|Evolving Workflows 2016]]
Line 257: Line 257:
 [[http://​coral.library.umass.edu/​|CORAL Login Page]] [[http://​coral.library.umass.edu/​|CORAL Login Page]]
-[[http://​guides.library.umass.edu/​az.php|Database A-Z List (Springshare/​LibGuides Platform)]]+[[http://​guides.library.umass.edu/​az.php|Database A-Z List]] (Springshare/​LibGuides Platform)
 [[eds_admin_management|EDS Admin Management]] [[eds_admin_management|EDS Admin Management]]
Line 276: Line 276:
 [[SFX Down]] [[SFX Down]]
 +[[SFX Renewals]] Also includes platforms and transfers
 [[SFX Routine Maintenance]] [[SFX Routine Maintenance]]
 [[SFX sid List]] [[SFX sid List]]
-[[sfx_fulltext_not_found|SFX Reports: Fulltext not found]] 
-[[SFX Statistics Archives Files]] 
 [[SFX Targets - Activating]] [[SFX Targets - Activating]]
 [[SFX Update Procedures]] [[SFX Update Procedures]]
 +[[sfx_fulltext_not_found|SFX Reports: Fulltext not found]] ARCHIVED
 +[[SFX Statistics Archives Files]] ARCHIVED
 [[uma_worldcat_service_configuration_management|UMA WorldCat Local Management in OCLC Service Configuration]] [[uma_worldcat_service_configuration_management|UMA WorldCat Local Management in OCLC Service Configuration]]
Line 303: Line 305:
 [[Adding Dissertations and Theses to Scholarworks Collections]] [[Adding Dissertations and Theses to Scholarworks Collections]]
 +[[Batch Loading Team]]
 [[Batch Record Loading Updating and Editing Instructions]] [[Batch Record Loading Updating and Editing Instructions]]
Line 357: Line 361:
 [[Faculty Writing Place - Cataloging & Processing]] [[Faculty Writing Place - Cataloging & Processing]]
 +[[Fastcat LPs]]
 +[[Fastcat Music Audio Recordings (CDs)]]
 [[Five College Uniform Language for Linking in 856 fields]] [[Five College Uniform Language for Linking in 856 fields]]
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