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 ===== IRM - General ===== ===== IRM - General =====
 +[[Aleph Services Workshop]]
 [[Collection Analysis Task Force (CATF) Recommendations (2017)]] [[Collection Analysis Task Force (CATF) Recommendations (2017)]]
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 [[ebsco_regular_tasks|Regular Maintenance for EDS & HLM]] [[ebsco_regular_tasks|Regular Maintenance for EDS & HLM]]
 +[[ebscohost_maintenance|EBSCOhost Database Maintenance]]
 [[EZProxy Maintenance]] [[EZProxy Maintenance]]
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 [[Adding Dissertations and Theses to Scholarworks Collections]] [[Adding Dissertations and Theses to Scholarworks Collections]]
 +[[Analyzed serials monographic series instructions]]
 [[Batch Loading Team]] [[Batch Loading Team]]
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 [[Changing one year campus access titles to open access]] [[Changing one year campus access titles to open access]]
 +[[Circulation OnTheFly Procedures]]
 [[Closing monographic series records]] [[Closing monographic series records]]
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 [[Fastcat Music Audio Recordings (CDs)]] [[Fastcat Music Audio Recordings (CDs)]]
 +[[Fast originalcat Music Recitals (CDs)]]
 [[Five College Uniform Language for Linking in 856 fields]] [[Five College Uniform Language for Linking in 856 fields]]
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 [[Item types]] [[Item types]]
 +[[Linked Mt Ida Instructions]]
 [[Linking Project instructions current version 2019]] [[Linking Project instructions current version 2019]]
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 [[Staff Working Tools Procedures]] [[Staff Working Tools Procedures]]
 +[[Tableau Cataloging Statistics]]
 [[Transferring ETD files from Proquest]] [[Transferring ETD files from Proquest]]
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 [[Classification Web]] [[Classification Web]]
 +=====Student Employees=====
 +[[Resources for student supervisors]]
 +[[http://​moodle.umass.edu|Moodle:​ Resources for library student workers]]
 +Student Forms: Libwire Home » Online Forms » [[https://​intranet.library.umass.edu/​intranet/​Forms/​view_items.cfm?​MenuID=7&​CategoryID=5|Student forms]] ​
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