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 +===== UMass Amherst Authors =====
 +UMass Amherst Authors are identified in Aleph with a **590 1  $aUMass Amherst Author** in the MARC record. This information is used by the Visual Browse https://​libtools.smith.edu/​browse/​Search/​Book/​Find/?​q=%22UMass_Amherst_Author%22&​type=wno&​page=1&​sort=Newest and can be used in an Aleph CCL search to find books by authors who have been identified as being from UMass Amherst (wno="​UMass Amherst Author"​ - https://​fcaw.library.umass.edu/​F/?​func=find-c&​ccl_term=wno%3D%22UMass+Amherst+Author%22&​adjacent=N&​local_base=U-FCL01&​x=0&​y=0).
 +==== Identifying UMass Authors ====
 +Authors may be identified as being from UMass Amherst in several ways:
 +  - Identified by liaison
 +  - Provided by YBP through the Approval plan
 +  - Miscellaneous sources (Inside UMass (http://​www.umass.edu/​newsoffice/​inside-umass),​ UMass News (http://​www.umass.edu/​newsoffice/​),​ etc.)
 +==== YBP Provided Books ====
 +YBP provides books by UMass Authors when the publisher provides author affiliation information. When no affiliation information is provided, YBP is not able to identify a UMass Author. As a result, YBP does not provide comprehensive coverage of UMass Amherst Authors and liaisons should actively seek this information.
 +In order to get a list of books that YBP has provided through the approval plan, you will need to search GOBI.
 +  - Login to GOBI
 +  - Click on **Search**
 +  - then **Library Activity**
 +  - On the Search screen, under "​Library Activity,"​ select Invoiced
 +  - If you are only looking for recent titles, it is recommended that you limit the "Date Range" to an invoice date in the range that you are looking for. This will speed up searching.
 +  - In the "​Approval Note" field, enter "​Amherst"​. This will return titles by Amherst College faculty that you will need to sort out. As an alternative you could do multiple searches for monikers/​abbreviations that UMass is known by: UMass, University of Massachusetts,​ Univ Mass, etc.
 +  - Search
 +  - Mark the records in GOBI. Unless you know there are titles that you want to exclude, you can mark all of them by clicking on the check mark over multiple sheets icon in the upper left hand corner.
 +  - Save marked items by clicking on the floppy disk icon.
 +  - Select **Tab Delimited** as the "File Type" and "Save As" **Full**
 +  - Click **Save To Disk** ​
 +  - Save file and open with Excel
 +  - If you searched on only "​Amherst"​ you will need to remove the titles by Amherst College authors. ​
 +    - Scroll right to the Approval Note in column AU
 +    - Remove any rows that list Amherst College in the Approval Note.
 +  - Search for the remaining titles in the Aleph client
 +  - If the title does not have a **590 1  $aUMass Amherst Author** add it to the record and save the record.
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