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-====== Usage Statistics for E-Resources - Reporting Procedure Notes ====== 
-Please forward all correspondence and data files regarding e-resource use statistics to Christine Turner. 
-  * Working files for this project are located at: S (coll_management):​\Acquisitions\ER Usage Statistics. ​ 
-  * Background for the e-resource use data collection project is described in [[usage_statistics_for_e-resources_-_rationale|Usage Statistics for Electronic Resource - A Rationale for Collecting Data, UMass Amherst Libraries]] which provides an overview of the project, reasons why we collect data, and what data we collect. 
-  * Data files downloaded from vendor/host sites are stored in sub-folders by fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), e.g. “2005-2006 Vendor Stats”, “2006-2007 Vendor Stats”. 
-  * Within the "​dbs-annuals"​ subfolder, “DBUse_FY200x.xls” has two worksheets: “Data” by title for monthly sessions, searches, turnaways, etc.; and “Procedures” for the means and formats for obtaining the data. 
-  * Data for fiscal years 2006-2011 is posted to LibWire under Divisions & Departments/​Acquisitions/​E-Resource Use Statistics. 
-  * E-book usage data is not systematically collected at this time. However, procedures for obtaining the data are available below. 
-  * E-Journal usage data collection procedures are available below. COUNTER JR1 reports are either manually or automatically loaded via SUSHI to USTAT (see login information below). ​ 
- --- //​[[cturner@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Christine Turner]]// 
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