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 **Another note:** the intent is that each item listed with also note who is responsible for creating/​managing it, it's readiness, and it's priority. **Another note:** the intent is that each item listed with also note who is responsible for creating/​managing it, it's readiness, and it's priority.
-Receiving Manual (45 documents) – J. Rohan+**Receiving Manual** (45 documents) – J. Rohan
-Checking-in Manual (26 documents) – J. Rohan+**Checking-in Manual** (26 documents) – J. Rohan
-Ordering Manual (11 documents) – J. Rohan+**Ordering Manual** (11 documents) – J. Rohan
-Invoicing (2 documents) – J. Rohan, J. Bagjier, H. Deirdre+**Invoicing** (2 documents) – J. Rohan, J. Bagjier, H. Deirdre
-Bindery Manual – G. Hough+**Bindery Manual** – G. Hough
-Preservation and book repair documentation – L. James+**Preservation and book repair documentation** – L. James
-Water Disaster Manual – L. James+**Water Disaster Manual** – L. James
-Student supervision documentation,​ Kronos, attendance – Link to Libwire+**Student supervision documentation,​ Kronos, attendance** – Link to Libwire
-Verde Project Plan and Implementation ​Notes C. Turner+**Notes on Selector Credits, Desiderata List** – C. Turner
-Aleph order groups (.xls from LHButton, 3/​12/​08) ​S. Stangroom+**Writing Center** ​Done
-Notes on Selector Credits, Desiderata List – C. Turner+Done by Julie Miles (all set for now)
-Writing Center+[[faculty_writing_place_-_cataloging_processing]] ​
-Davis Collection+**Davis Collection** - Gary
-Reserves materials+**Reserves materials** - Not needed
-Call number info+**Call number info** - Peter
-Marc bib record info+Formatting issues, standard abbreviations list 
-Video cataloging ​and processing+See if there is information in old cataloging ​manual
-Microforms cataloging and processing+**Marc bib record info** - Not needed
-Music materials: ​ cataloging, end processing+Info available on Library of Congress website
-Gifts and gift plates+**Video cataloging ​and processing** - Barb
-Added copies+Done - may need updating:
-Added volumes+[[dvd_cataloging_streamlined_guidelines]] ​
-Transfers (De-Refs, etc.)+Also add link to:
-Reinstatements+[[receiving_monographic_materials_in_non-shelf-ready_shipments]]  ​
-Bindery procedures (monographs ​and serials) – N. Washburn+**CD-ROM ​and DVD-ROM cataloging instructions** - Need volunteer
-End processing ​instructions for various kinds of materials – J. Miles+**Microforms cataloging and processing** - Done
-Guidelines for determining added copy vs. different edition+Already on wiki
-Electronic resource cataloging+[[microforms_overview]] ​
-How to copy a bib from Four Colleges ​C. Turner+**Music materials: ​ cataloging, end processing** ​Marcelle
-Electronic version also available (monographs)+Need to add music processing instructions - Marcelle
-Authority control+Cataloging instructions would be too complicated to add - Peter
-Series instructions+**Gifts and gift plates** - Talk to Lisa
-streamlined cataloging+Would mostly be about gifts processing ​
-Maps cataloging internet resources - C. Spell+Some relevant info is available in:
-Collection development policy ​+Item Record Creation for CAT SEPS, SER ANALS & GIFTS
-Gifts policy+[[item_record_creation_for_gifts_cat_seps_ser_anals]] ​
-Invoice processing (general)+**Added copies** -Susan?
-Invoice processing (ILL)+Relevant documentation?:​
-Budget reconciliation – S. Stangroom+Added Copy or Edition? How to Decide
-Aleph EDI processing+[[added_copy_or_edition]] ​
-Subject selector (and their respective LC areas of responsibilities) documentation+**Added volumes** - Kay and Susan?
 +Not on wiki but should be 
 +**Transfers (De-Refs, Depository, Gov Docs.)** - Need volunteer
 +Need instructions for de-refs
 +**Bindery procedures (monographs and serials)** – N. Washburn
 +**End processing instructions for various kinds of materials**
 +**Guidelines for determining added copy vs. different edition** - Done
 +Already on wiki
 +Added Copy or Edition? How to Decide
 +[[added_copy_or_edition]] ​
 +Julie Miles is primary contact and notes that this should be re-worded
 +**Electronic version also available (monographs)** - Obsolete
 +See: Separate record policy for free electronic resources
 +[[separate_record_policy_for_free_electronic_resources]] ​
 +**Authority control** - Task force after RDA implementation
 +Not on wiki
 +Add a general overview - include things like how to do authority control for copy and original cataloging, ​
 +information about sending records to authority control vendor, and Jane Beebe'​s instructions for how to do
 +global updates in Aleph
 +NACO documentation is one wiki:
 +[[naco documentation]]
 +**Series instructions** - Done
 +Information is available on these wiki pages:
 +[[monographs_workflow_overview]] ​
 +[[monographic_continuations]] ​
 +**streamlined cataloging** - Done
 +See: Receiving ordered Monographs using FASTCAT
 +[[fastcat_instructions]] ​
 +**Maps cataloging internet resources** - Done 
 +Already on wiki:
 +[[maps_cataloging_resources]] ​
 +**Collection development policy** - Meghan
 +**Gifts policy** - Meghan
 +**Invoice processing (general)**
 +**Invoice processing (ILL)**
 +Budget reconciliation – S. Stangroom
 +Aleph EDI processing
-===== SFX Documentation ===== 
-  * List of eresource purchases to which we should have perpetual access (with or without small access fees?) 
 ===== Other workflow documentation:​ ===== ===== Other workflow documentation:​ =====
-  * Cat seps and ser anals +  * Cat seps and ser anals - Lucy 
-  * Discards/​discard decision file +  * Discards/​discard decision file - Judy 
-  * CD-ROM/​DVD/​microfilm/​microfiche/​other media serials  +  * CD-ROM/​DVD/​microfilm/​microfiche/​other media serials ​- Sarah 
-  * Government documents ​+  * Government documents ​- Meghan
   * Reactivations ​   * Reactivations ​
   * Current newspapers and magazines list – L. deGozzaldi   * Current newspapers and magazines list – L. deGozzaldi
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