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 ====== Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection ====== ====== Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection ======
-When a printout of a lost item to be withdrawn ​arrives from Billing, search each item by Bib numberCheck for a 583 in the Bib to determine whether or not the library has made a retention ​commitment to EAST.  If there is commitmentit will look like this:+There are many reasons why books are withdrawn. ​ Many are withdrawn by Circulation because they have been missing ​for a long time.  Others are damaged or duplicates. 
 +Before withdrawing a book, check the bib. to see if the library has made a commitment to retain the book for EAST.  If so, there will be 583 fieldwhich looks like this:
 583 1-  ​ 583 1-  ​
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    |5 MU     |5 MU
-**Materials without EAST commitments** +Assuming ​there is only one item (only one copy), remove this 583 and add the title to the EAST list Any changes ​to our EAST commitments should be kept on this list
- +   
-Beginning point:  +Include the title, author, OCLC number and, if necessary, a brief explanation ​of why the EAST commitment is being withdrawn.
- +
-Billing provides a withdrawal slip or Book Repair provides info on a damaged book to withdraw. +
- +
-Step 1: Add “MI” to item “Status.” +
- +
-Step 2: Add a Circ. Note with your initials and a one or two word reason for the withdrawal:  +
- +
-"WDN 6-30-16; [mfl, paid]."​ or "WDN 6-30-16; [mfl, damaged]."​ +
- +
-Decision point: If there are other available items, the process is finished. ​  +
- +
-If there is only one item+
- +
-Step 3: Suppress HOL record: ​(Field is “STA”; enter “SUPPRESSED” in field.) +
- +
-Step 4: Suppress Bib record (as per HOL) and add 910 with “withdraw.” +
- +
-Step 5: Check OPAC to confirm, “The library does not have available items.”  +
- +
-End of process: Remove holdings from WorldCat.+
 +  ​
 +   La belle époque / Gilbert Guilleminault,​ 1957.  ​
 +   OCLC #3953968
 +   This was a mismatch. ​ We have instead the 1958 edition OCLC #​10255465.  ​
 +   ​Transferred commitment.
-**Materials with EAST commitments**+We send this list to EAST twice a year (May and December): Meiyolet Mendez: [<​mmendez@blc.org>​]. ​ (Steve Bischof usually sends an email when it's time.)
-1) If there are additional items (i.e. we hold other copies of the same edition), the other copy will be retained for EAST. 
--Withdraw the missing item. 
--Add “MI” to item “Status.”+**ALL WITHDRAWALS:​**
--Add Circ. Note: WDN 6-30-16; [initials, paid].+  * Add “MI” to item “Status.
-No more needs to be done.+  * Add a CircNote with your initials and a one or two word reason for the withdrawal: ​
-2) If there is only one item, withdraw the book as per the above instructions,​ amending the note in the item to read: "EAST WDN." ​ Remove the 583 from the bib and add the title to the numbered **EAST Book Withdrawn** list ​Include a brief title, author, year of publication and OCLC#, as per the examples below:+     EAST WDN 12-27-18; [mfl, msg.].
-22. On the road / Kerouac, 2007 +     WDN 12-27-18; [mfldamaged].
-    OCLC #82368045 +
-     +
-23. Formal approaches to poetry / edited by B. Elan Dresher2006. +
-    OCLC #62738568+
 +     WDN 12-27-18; [mfl, paid].
-This list includes ​the following: ​+If there are other available items, ​the process is finished.  
-     - EAST titles we have not been able to replace. +If there is only one item (which is usually the case):
-     - EAST titles we have not attempted to replace. +
-     - EAST titles we (or a patronhave replaced with a different edition.+
-This list is periodically sent to the following address, where our EAST commitments are updated: EASTreallocation@blc.org. +  * Suppress HOL record: (Field ​is “STA”; enter “SUPPRESSED” in field.)
-At the moment, we are no longer attempting to replace EAST withdrawn titles.+
 +  * Suppress Bib record (as per HOL) and add 910 with “withdraw.”
 +  * Check OPAC to confirm, “The library does not have available items.” ​
 +  * Remove holdings from WorldCat.
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