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Check processing

  1. Receive a check payment for a SCUA service. Open the order database and pull up the invoice. Mark it as paid and record the date. If a copy of the invoice was not received with payment, print one out. Place the check and the invoice in the folder with deposit slips. This folder has no name, but if someone wants to label it, feel free.
  2. Once a week (or more/less often depending on number of checks), complete a deposit slip and send it to the office. It can be found on R/forms/Cash deposit, Monthly/deposit_slip_2012.
  3. On the form change these fields: date, amount for checks (in gray box), amount and total amount (in white), and number of checks (right-hand column).
  4. Print out two copies of the deposit slip, one for the business office, one for us (not actually sure why we keep a copy…that step is carried over from a while back). Place our copy in the folder with the others and send the business office’s copy along with the checks/invoices down to the Business Office Manager.
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