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Locations track the physical or virtual location on a shelf or server where collection material can be found. This information is critical to our ability to locate accessions and collections so please use great care.

1 Describing locations

Locations are made up of two separate parts: 1) the area, which is drawn from a controlled vocabulary that is a list of our main storage areas (floor 26, 24, Basement, Goodell, Palmer, Digital storage, etc.) and 2) the shelf, which is an alphanumeric code that represents the first shelf on which a collection resides.

The alphanumeric code for shelf locations is as follows:

  • The first is a capital letter corresponding to our major storage areas (T = 26, M = 25, R = 24, B = Basement, G = Goodell) followed by a period.
  • The second element consists of the range number (usually printed on the end of each range), followed by a colon
  • The third element consists of a capital letter corresponding to the bay in which the collection is locate, reading left to right (first bay = A, second bay =B, etc.)
  • The final element consists of a number corresponding to the shelf on which the first box of the collection records, counting from the top shelf in the bay

An example shelf location might look like:


T is for the 26th floor space, 25 is the aisle number, C is the bay and, 3 is the number of shelves down from the top of that bay.

:!: For collections that are shelved non-contiguously, record each discrete location as a separate location in the collection or accession record.

2 Entering locations in SKUA

Most frequently, locations will be created from an accession or collection record. NB: always search for the location first in the autocomplete field before creating a new location, since it's very likely that location already exists. If it exists, select the correct location.

If the location is not already in SKUA, click the green '+' button to the right of the field:

This will bring up the form to enter a new location:

2.1 Location fields

2.1.1 Space

Space is a dropdown of all of SCUA's storage spaces. This list is managed as one of SKUA's controlled lists. It's possible to add a new storage space by clicking the green '+' button to the right of the dropdown. New spaces are added very rarely and only if SCUA gains a new storage space, starts storing materials in a new remote location, etc…

2.1.2 Shelf

Enter the alphanumeric shelf code in this field. Even though the code for the space (T, R, G, B) is redundant to the space selected in the dropdown, please include it in the full shelf code, e.g. R.91:A3.

:!: Always enter a shelf, even if you have to enter something like, 'on floor by Aaron's office'

3 Locations list

There is also a sortable list of locations here. The list allows you to filter by space, and sort by shelf. There is also a list of what collections or accessions are in each location.

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