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Updating WordPress

To ensure the security of WordPress, the CMS that the SCUA website runs on, it's critical to update the software with the newest version whenever it is released. This is also true for any plugins that are installed, whether they are currently active or not.

:!: Before you begin the process outlined below, email SCUA staff to let them know what's happening. UMarmot will look strange as it's being upgraded. It's also a good safety measure to not have anyone editing content in UMarmot while the upgrade process is taking place.

Step 1: Backup the WP database

This first step is only possible if you can log directly into the server that runs UMarmot. It is an important step but it is not required. Only do this if you have the access and comfort-level to perform the task. Otherwise, skip this step. If this step is not completed and something bad happens to the WP database during the upgrade, a backup can always be restored from tape, though some data might be lost depending on when that backup was performed.

  1. Login to via SSH.
  2. Enter the following command:

$ mysqldump -u wordpress -p wordpress > umarmot_backup/umbackup-[YYYYMMDD].sql

Enter the current date to replace [YYYYMMDD]. You will be prompted for database password. You can find the password in this file: umarmot/wp-config.php.

Step 2: Update WP files

This next step can all be done via FTP access.

Follow all directions here:

An additional step to consider: before copying any new files over to the server, save a local copy of the entire WP folder (umarmot). That way, if anything goes wrong, all original files can be restored.

Step 3: Upgrade Plugins

Plugins should be upgraded regularly but if there are any that need upgrading, do it now.

  1. Download newest version of each out-of-date plugin from WP plugin site.
  2. Copy new version of plugin over old version on server. If you've made a local copy of the entire umarmot folder, you should be able to restore if anything goes wrong.

Step 4: Complete upgrade

  1. Visit You might be prompted to upgrade database. Follow directions and cross fingers.
  2. Activate all the plugins you wish to have active.
  3. Visit to make sure everything is ok.

:!: You might need to re-index the Search Unleashed index. If searches are no longer working after upgrading, go to the plugin admin page, click “settings” under the Search Unleashed plugin, and then click the “re-index” button at the bottom of the page.

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