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Importing footage off the Canon video camera

Do not copy files directly through the Finder window from the card. It screws things up!

Put card in Lexar card reader. Open Canon MXF Utility software.

Check Preferences that backup goes to external drive (both A and B) “Camera Backups” folder.

Card will be listed in the upper left Media box. Clips will be listed in the upper clip area. You can preview clips. You can delete extra junk clips (right click). Number of clips is determined by number of times the camera was stopped and started. You can also review old backups by navigating the folder structure in left Folder panel.

When ready to backup, select Canon XF in Media list and hit Backup button at upper left.

Creating a master video file

Select folder of backed up clips to make master clip. Select clips that you wish to merge into one video segment in the Clip panel. Right click and select “Export to MXF”. Adjust settings in utility popup. Do separate clips (like B roll or other interviews on same card) as separate exports to MXF (i.e. video segments).

This creates a .MXF file that can be played in VLC player or imported into Premiere, etc for editing.

Deleting files off the card Once files are safely backed up, remove the card and return to camera. Delete or reinitialize the card from the camera menu.

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