Digital Scholarship Services

UMass Amherst Digital Scholarship Services promotes and supports research and instruction efforts of the campus community through the use of digital technologies, methodologies, and media.

  • We serve as consultants to scholars as they explore new modes of research and teaching.
  • We serve as a public-facing “hub” connecting scholars and students with methodologies, digital tools, and expertise within the Libraries and across campus.
  • We educate faculty and students in the concepts of Digital Scholarship.

From a single class to global sharing, from workshops to one-on-one consultations, we collaborate on projects in support of instructional and research activities focused on planning, creating, organizing, publishing, promoting, and preserving digital information.

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UMass Amherst Digital Scholarship Services is open to all UMass Amherst faculty, staff, and students.

Here are some of the many services we provide:

Planning a project

Planning is a critical component of digital scholarship projects. The Libraries offer the opportunity for researchers to confer with a variety of digital scholarship partners/practitioners who have expertise in many aspects of planning a digital scholarship project. Through consultations scholars will learn about different aspects of a project they may not have considered, how to approach their project in manageable stages, what types of support their project may require, and the names of people who can provide more detailed assistance.

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Managing research data or developing a data plan

The data you or your group produces is a valuable commodity -- and uniquely fragile. Data requires special care and planning to ensure its continued and future usefulness to you and others. The Libraries’ data management experts can help you locate the tools that aid in the care for your data, locate an appropriate place to archive your data, can offer guidance in writing a competitive data management plan for your grant, and more.

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Building a digital collection or exhibition

Online collections and exhibitions are fundamental tools of Digital Scholarship. When planned and created well they are an effective way to present results from research or class projects. The Libraries has significant expertise and experience in building and curating these types of collections. From digitizing materials to choosing appropriate software to contending with issues of accessibility, Libraries staff can give sound advice on all aspects of building collections. In certain cases the Libraries can provide significant assistance in the creation of collections and exhibitions.

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Publishing your work, addressing your author rights, advancing the Open Education Initiative

A significant emphasis of Digital Scholarship is on the presentation of scholarly work in an open way. The Libraries offer services and consultations that promote, educate, and provide expertise regarding openness of UMA research, scholarship, teaching materials and other creative scholarly works. The Libraries provide a platform for open journals, conferences and conference proceedings, scholarly materials of research groups and individuals, theses & dissertations and more. The Open Education Initiative provides support for faculty seeking to transform their courses to an open, flexible pedagogy based on open educational materials. The staff provide consultations on how to retain author rights, how to license their works, and how to negotiate with publishers regarding their scholarly works.

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Creating digital media objects

Digital Scholarship projects rely on digital media for effectiveness. The Libraries offers assistance in producing media in many forms. Image creation and correction assistance is available in many Libraries locations. There are facilities to create professional quality audio and video files, and expertise is available to teach users the techniques of editing audio and video. The Libraries offer users experiences with virtual and augmented reality technologies, and in some cases can directly assist in projects that incorporate these technologies. The Libraries have a 3D printing service and will produce objects from 3D files.

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Mapping and GIS

Digital Scholarship can include, or even center on, the analysis and display of spatial data. Modern GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tools have become far more powerful and adaptable in recent years, making them useful in an ever-growing number of situations. Maps can illustrate and communicate concepts in new ways, and analysis of location-linked data can aid in the discovery of previously-unknown knowledge. The Libraries provide an introduction to GIS concepts and actively support the use of GIS digital scholarship at UMass.

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General Consulting

If you can't decide where to go first, UMass Amherst Libraries Digital Scholarship Center is the starting point for faculty and students seeking assistance in the planning, execution, and maintenance of digital scholarship projects. Please contact us regarding your needs and ideas.

Location and Hours

We're located on the 6th floor (Room 620) of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library: 154 Hicks Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9275.

Our office hours are 8:30–5:00, Mon-Fri.

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