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 +===Cataloging electronic resource versions of UMass print dissertations===
 +The UMass Amherst library began receiving electronic resource versions of the University'​s dissertations and theses in 1997. Prior to this the library received only print copies, and now those are becoming available via ProQuest'​s digitization project of dissertations going as far back as 1964. 
 +The decision was made to create new electronic version cataloging records for these records in order to facilitate their availability via WorldCat and our own library'​s OPAC.  To that end, a workflow was devised in which cataloging records in OCLC are utilized to create the new electronic resource records.  ​
 +NOTE: The following steps below require access to the MarcEdit cataloging tool.
 +  * **CONNEXION**
 +        * Create a local Save file with the File Manager. Name it Dissertation_Conversion<​number>​ (Example: Dissertation_Conversion9.) Use a different number for each new file.
 +        * Set this file as the Default file. 
 +        * Pull up the appropriate Scholarworks page by year, i.e., 2005.  Search each title in that year in OCLC. When a record is found, add an 856 field to the record: ''​856 40 |u <​Scholarworks URL> |z Connect to this title online''​
 +        * Save record to the local Save file (Dissertation_Conversion9 ). 
 +        * When ready, export the files:  ​
 +          * In the Connexion menu, go to Tools --> Options --> Export --> and select File:​(Prompt for filename). Check off "​Display report for immediate export results"​. Click on Apply. ​
 +          * Highlight all records to be converted in the Dissertation_Conversion file.
 +          * Export files to C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<​number>,​ where <​number>​ is the same as the local Save file number. ​ This path is an example; you can chose another but it should be on your C: drive and easy to find.
 +  * **MarcEdit**
 +        * Open MarcTools. Input the local Save file path: Browse --> C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<​nbr>​.dat ​  ​(Example:​ C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9.dat)
 +        * Insert output file name (C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<​nbr>​mb )  **Note the change from .dat to mb** (Example: C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9mb)
 +        * Select the MarcBreaker button. Click on Execute. ​
 +        * Click on Edit records --> Tools --> Assigned Tasks --> dissconv. Run then close window to Save changes.
 +        * Open MarcTools again. ​ Input the converted mb file (Example: C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9mb)
 +        * Insert output file name (C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<​nbr>​mm) ​ **Note change from mb to mm** (Example: C:​\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9mm )
 +        * Select the MarcMaker button. Click on Execute. ​
 +  * **CONNEXION**
 +        * Create a new local Save file: New_Dissertation_Conversion<​nbr>​. Set as default.
 +        * Import record: File --> Import Records. ​ Make sure the import path is C:​\Temp\DissConver\dissconv<​nbr>​mm
 +        * Once the records are imported:
 +        * Check each record, especially the 040 and 300 fields. Delete any |d fields in 040. Correct any '​leaves,​ bound' to '​p.'​. Remove any print-related 500 field notes such as "​Appendix in back pocket"​. Remove any other inappropriate fields such as vendor notes. ​
 +        * Validate then upload each record to OCLC. 
 +        * Notify Mike Allard. He will export each new OCLC record to Aleph with the appropriate Holdings record and 856 field.
 +  * Below is a list of changes typically made to the print version dissertation record in order to create a new electronic resource record: ​
 +     * Change Record type '​t'​ in Fixed field to '​a'​ and Ctry '​xx'​ to '​mau'​
 +     * Add 006 field
 +     * Add 007 field, modify as needed
 +     * Remove any 090 field
 +     * Add |h [electronic resource] to field 245
 +     * Change 300 field from '​leaves,​ bound' to '​p.'​ and remove subfield |c 
 +     * Remove any 500 '​Typescript'​ note field
 +     * Add 538 (Mode of access) ​
 +     * Add 506 1_  Access restricted to the UMass community
 +     * Add 856 - to Holdings record. Must use the silk proxy URL.  ​
 +With the exception of the 856, these changes are made in the MarcEdit Assigned Tasks file.  The 856 fields are computer-pushed into Holdings records once they are loaded into Aleph.  ​
 + --- //​[[kdion@library.umass.edu|Contact person: Kay Dion]]//
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