Cataloging electronic resource versions of UMass print dissertations

The UMass Amherst library began receiving electronic resource versions of the University's dissertations and theses in 1997. Prior to this the library received only print copies, and now those are becoming available via ProQuest's digitization project of dissertations going as far back as 1964.

The decision was made to create new electronic version cataloging records for these records in order to facilitate their availability via WorldCat and our own library's OPAC. To that end, a workflow was devised in which cataloging records in OCLC are utilized to create the new electronic resource records.

NOTE: The following steps below require access to the MarcEdit cataloging tool.

    • Create a local Save file with the File Manager. Name it Dissertation_Conversion<number> (Example: Dissertation_Conversion9.) Use a different number for each new file.
    • Set this file as the Default file.
    • Pull up the appropriate Scholarworks page by year, i.e., 2005. Search each title in that year in OCLC. When a record is found, add an 856 field to the record: 856 40 |u <Scholarworks URL> |z Connect to this title online
    • Save record to the local Save file (Dissertation_Conversion9 ).
    • When ready, export the files:
      • In the Connexion menu, go to Tools –> Options –> Export –> and select File:(Prompt for filename). Check off “Display report for immediate export results”. Click on Apply.
      • Highlight all records to be converted in the Dissertation_Conversion file.
      • Export files to C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<number>, where <number> is the same as the local Save file number. This path is an example; you can chose another but it should be on your C: drive and easy to find.
  • MarcEdit
    • Open MarcTools. Input the local Save file path: Browse –> C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<nbr>.dat (Example: C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9.dat)
    • Insert output file name (C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<nbr>mb ) Note the change from .dat to mb (Example: C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9mb)
    • Select the MarcBreaker button. Click on Execute.
    • Click on Edit records –> Tools –> Assigned Tasks –> dissconv. Run then close window to Save changes.
    • Open MarcTools again. Input the converted mb file (Example: C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9mb)
    • Insert output file name (C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv<nbr>mm) Note change from mb to mm (Example: C:\Temp\DissConvers\dissconv9mm )
    • Select the MarcMaker button. Click on Execute.
    • Create a new local Save file: New_Dissertation_Conversion<nbr>. Set as default.
    • Import record: File –> Import Records. Make sure the import path is C:\Temp\DissConver\dissconv<nbr>mm
    • Once the records are imported:
    • Check each record, especially the 040 and 300 fields. Delete any |d fields in 040. Correct any 'leaves, bound' to 'p.'. Remove any print-related 500 field notes such as “Appendix in back pocket”. Remove any other inappropriate fields such as vendor notes.
    • Validate then upload each record to OCLC.
    • Notify Mike Allard. He will export each new OCLC record to Aleph with the appropriate Holdings record and 856 field.
  • Below is a list of changes typically made to the print version dissertation record in order to create a new electronic resource record:
    • Change Record type 't' in Fixed field to 'a' and Ctry 'xx' to 'mau'
    • Add 006 field
    • Add 007 field, modify as needed
    • Remove any 090 field
    • Add |h [electronic resource] to field 245
    • Change 300 field from 'leaves, bound' to 'p.' and remove subfield |c
    • Remove any 500 'Typescript' note field
    • Add 538 (Mode of access)
    • Add 506 1_ Access restricted to the UMass community
    • Add 856 - to Holdings record. Must use the silk proxy URL.

With the exception of the 856, these changes are made in the MarcEdit Assigned Tasks file. The 856 fields are computer-pushed into Holdings records once they are loaded into Aleph.

Contact person: Kay Dion

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