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-====== Electronic Resource Order Form and Invoice Storage Procedures ====== 
-  - If you don't have an electronic copy, scan digital order form or invoice. Optimize for [[copier_scanning|OCR]]. This is important so we can search orders and invoices by product name 
-  - Save order form with filename including fiscal year and date, e.g. 2016_08152016,​ to associated product publisher or vendor *license* folder on the network drive, e.g. R|S:/​coll_management/​Acquisitions/​ER Licenses/​AccessibleArchives/​Orders 
-  - Save invoice with filename, including fiscal year and invoice number, e.g. 2016_12345, to the associated product or vendor *license* folder on the network drive, e.g. R|S:/​coll_management\Acquisitions/​ER Licenses/​AccessibleArchives/​Invoices 
-**Note:** We have consortia folders in the ER Licenses folder to hold invoices and order forms only. Licenses, even those negotiated by NERL, should be in the publisher folder. 
---- //​[[cturner@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Christine Turner]]// 
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