Electronic Resource Order Form and Invoice Storage Procedures

  1. If you don't have an electronic copy, scan digital order form or invoice. Optimize for OCR. This is important so we can search orders and invoices by product name
  2. Save order form with filename including fiscal year and date, e.g. 2016_08152016, to associated product publisher or vendor *license* folder on the network drive, e.g. R|S:/coll_management/Acquisitions/Electronic Resources by Organization/AccessibleArchives/Orders
  3. Save invoice with filename, including fiscal year and invoice number, e.g. 2016_12345, to the associated product or vendor *license* folder on the network drive, e.g. R|S:/coll_management\Acquisitions/Electronic Resources by Organization/AccessibleArchives/Invoices

Note: We have consortia folders in the ER Licenses folder to hold invoices and order forms only. Licenses, even those negotiated by NERL, should be in the publisher folder.

Primary contact: Christine Turner

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