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 ==== MARC Batch Record Ongoing Loads ==== ==== MARC Batch Record Ongoing Loads ====
 +There are two documents for this.
-^ Collection ^ Frequency ^ Responsibility ^ +[[https://​docs.google.com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1KBwTefJKLcb-oVrKay32TRyoD1wzb438ZclxKzm1kCs/​edit#​gid=1640498871|UMass Marc Record Load Spreadsheet]]:​ Details last file loaded, loader, ​and when. Current for 2 years. Past years are archived on the Record Load shared network drive.
-|CRL eresources|Quarterly as notified|Steve|  +
-|Documents Without Shelves|monthly|Jennifer| +
-|JSTOR|As notified|Jennifer| +
-|ebrary (Academic Complete ​and All Perpetual)|quarterly|Steve| +
-|Kanopy|monthly|Colin - Shared 5C Records| +
-|Literature Online|as notified|Jennifer| +
-|Naxos|As notified|Jennifer| +
-|Safari|monthly|Jennifer| +
-|SPIE DIGITAL LIBRARY|As notified|Ann| +
-|ASC|As notified|Jennifer| +
-|CIAO|As notified|Jennifer| +
-|SIAM|As notified|Ann| +
-|Film Platform|As notified|Jennifer| +
-|Latin American Studies|As notified|Ann| +
-|Gender Studies|As notified|Ann| +
-|TRAIL|As notified|Jennifer|+
 +[[https://​docs.google.com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1TAIR-RHSVAHsWnD8spaq7e4USxxRNL1f7Gk8MRxNjJE/​edit#​gid=1451730337|5 Colleges In Common Electronic Resources]]:​ Details files, loaders, and other information. This spreadsheet is being updated and some information might not be current.
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