Aleph MARC Record Loading Instructions: REFERENCE ONLY

Overview: Might include past practices

MARC record loading in Aleph generally happens in one of three ways:

  • Automated loads such as GOBI (YBP) or patron loads
  • Manual loads for UMass eresources
  • Manual loads for Five Colleges eresources (see Google doc)

For UMass eresources, 2 custom services consisting of p_umprocload_01 (steps 4-6 below) and p_umload_01 (steps 7-9 below) were created to handle the loads and email the bib numbers to a designated email address. Instructions both general and detailed can be found on the shared network drive, Record Loading. Information about particular eresources are found in CORAL. Coral will have contact information, where to find MARC records, the Aleph system number for the bibliographic cover record(s), information on the batch loader and history of batch loads if applicable.

In general, manual MARC record loads in Aleph use the follow process:

  1. After evaluating records, retrieve record set from source
  2. Use MarcEdit to make changes to records using both general and detailed instructions
  3. Upload file to Aleph server and appropriate location (scratch)
  4. Select p_file_01 and then select p_file_02 to put the file into the Aleph appropriate import format
  5. Select p_manage_37 to apply the UMFIX, which puts the OCLC# in the propoer format for loading as well as other fixes
  6. Select p_manage_36 to compare the file with records already in Aleph - this step will determine new records, replacement records, or records with multiple matches
  7. Select p_manage_18 to load the new records or replace records in Aleph
  8. Select p_manage_50 to create holdings and items
  9. Select p_manage_21 to remove URLs from the bib record

The Processing MARC Records page has more information about getting records ready to load into Aleph.

Depreciated MARC record loading instructions for vendors

MARC Batch Record Ongoing Loads

There are two documents for this.

UMass Marc Record Load Spreadsheet: Details last file loaded, loader, and when. Current for 2 years. Past years are archived on the Record Load shared network drive.

5 Colleges In Common Electronic Resources: Details files, loaders, and other information. This spreadsheet is being updated and some information might not be current.

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