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   * Note: Jim Kelly does not wish to be notified.   * Note: Jim Kelly does not wish to be notified.
-===== Workflow for OA targets/collections: ===== +===== Workflow for selecting ​OA Packages in EDS/HLM: ===== 
- +  * Unordered List Item
-  * If established as reliable, actively reviewed and maintained collection of scholarly or society OA journals, select whole target (SFX) and collection (OCLC KB). Practically similar collections should be available in both knowledge bases. +
-  * Set SFX target to auto-activate. Do not proxy.  +
-  * Select “Maintain WorldCat Holdings – Use institution setting” and “ILL allowed – No” for collection in OCLC KB. +
-  * Do not add order records, or delete any existing order records, for any title available only as OA. If title has become OA, use order status "​VC"​ to close record. +
-  * OA SFX targets are included in MARCit record loads to UMA ALEPH ADM. +
-  * OA selected collections will be reviewed on an annual basis within package review procedures. +
 --- //​[[jmulvaney@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney]]//​ --- //​[[jmulvaney@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney]]//​
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