Open Access E-Journal (and E-Book) Activations


The following notes cover what open access (OA) e-journals (and e-books) e-resources staff make available through our SFX and OCLC knowledge bases and how they are doing this. OA e-journal MARC records for our UMA catalog are generated through the SFX knowledge base. Activating OA e-books and e-journals also enables linking from our E-Journals List (e-journals only), abstracting and indexing databases and View Now links in UMA WorldCat. The workflows continue and work together with free resource cataloging procedures in BAMU.

List of requested free resources.

Guidelines for OA e-journal activation:

Workflow for individual OA titles:

  • Upon receipt of request or publisher announcement, check if title has been cataloged to DP by any of the Five Colleges. If so, notify selector and do nothing else.
  • If not, activate in publisher (vs. platform or miscellaneous) open access or free target (SFX) and collection (OCLC KB). Do NOT activate in publisher subscription target.
  • If an object is available in SFX but there’s no publisher OA target, add object to misc OA e-journal target.
  • Add internal note to object portfolio (SFX) or staff note (OCLC KB) with source/rationale for selection, date and initials. Review dates will be subsequently added.
  • Note on requested free resource list whether the object type will generate a MARCIt record. OA SFX targets are included in MARCit record loads to UMA ALEPH ADM.
    • Types that generate MARCIt records are:
      • Journal,
      • Conference,
      • Newspaper,
      • Series,
      • Transcript,
      • Wire.
      • Database?
    • Types do NOT generate MARCIt records are:
      • Book,
      • CD,
      • Dissertation,
      • Document,
      • Manuscript,
      • Proceeding,
      • Report.
      • Database?
  • Select “Maintain WorldCat Holdings – Use institution setting” and “ILL allowed – No” for collection in OCLC KB.
  • If access exists in HathiTrust, do not catalog.
  • Do not add order records, or delete any existing order records, for any title available only as OA.
  • OA selected individual titles will be reviewed on an annual basis within package review procedures.
  • Note: Jim Kelly does not wish to be notified.

Workflow for selecting OA Packages in EDS/HLM:

  • Unordered List Item

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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