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---- //​[[annk@umass.edu|Questions:​ Ann Kardos]]// 
-====== ​Periodical ​Receiving ====== ​+====== ​Serials Workflow: Periodicals ​Receiving ======
-  * After logged into Aleph:+//Revised September 2020//
-  * Check to make sure the computer is hooked up to the correct label printer. ​ Click on the "​Start"​ button at the bottom left side of the screen. ​ Click on the "​Devices ​and Printers"​ section on the right. Right click on the DYMO Label Printer 400 Turbo and set as your default.+Note: Separate workflows for serials ​and periodicals are under review ​and may be merged in FOLIO.
-  * On your desktop double click on the Word Document shortcut called "​Shortcut of Arrival Labels",​ then minimize the screen to leave open.  +===== Receiving a new issue =====
-  +
-  * Once back on the desktop, you need to double click on the Acquisitions shortcut to open.+
-  * Now that you are in the ALEPH Acquisitions/​Serials mode (it will say that along the top of screen)click on the pair of binoculars on the upper left side of the screen.+Receive and create items for individual issueswhich are then given to Stacks Management.
-  * Along the left side of the page in the box you will see it says "Search" and under that you want to select [B] Browse.+  ​* Go to ALEPH Cataloging mode. 
 +  * Click on the pair of binoculars on the upper left side of the screen. 
 +  ​* Along the left side under Search, select [B] Browse. 
 +  * Open the Base dropdown box and select UMA Staff Cat. 
 +  * Open the Headings List dropdown box and select Journal Title. 
 +  * In the "Enter Starting Text" box, type in the name of the periodical ​in your hand. 
 +  * The searched title usually appears as the second line on the list. Highlight and double click the title (or use Show on the right side of the screen). 
 +  * Make sure to select the record that is owned by UM and it says "Per" ​in the call number. Highlight the record. 
 +  * Choose Items from the lower pane on the right side. 
 +  * Go to the last item received ​and click on Duplicate. 
 +  * Create an item based on the information from the item in hand. Enter the appropriate information on the corresponding tabs. Start at 5. Serial Levels and enter Enum Level (ex: volume and number) and Chron Level (ex: Month and Year). Enter the information as it is on the piece. Ex: v.3:no.12 for Enum or 1877 for Chron. Enter month if present. 
 +  * Then move to 4. Serial Information. Type a Description based off of the information on the piece. Ex: v.79:no.4 (2020:​June/​July). Add Arrival Date by selecting from the calendar (choose today'​s date). 
 +  * Go to 2. General Information (1), put a barcode on the piece and scan it in. 
 +  * Material type should be issue bound (ISSBD). Item status is 11. Click Add. 
 +  * Go to 6. HOL and check to see if the piece is linked to the holdings. Look for a checkmark under "​Linked"​. If there is no checkmark, click on the Link button on the right.
-  ​A "​Browse"​ tab will appear on the upper middle of the page.+**Done! Be sure all information is savedThis issue is ready for a label.**
-  * Open the drop box that is in the "​Base"​ category and select "UMA Staff Cat".+===== Printing Labels =====
-  * Open the drop box that is in the "​Headings List" category select "​Journal Title". +  * Go to the label printing station and log in. 
-  +  * Scan in the barcode
-  * In the "Enter Starting Text" categorytype in the name of the periodical you are checking in.+  * On the right sideselect Label. 
 +  * Remove ​the period from in front of the Cutter number 
 +  * Remove the line that says Per. 
 +  * If there is a Year and Month caption, remove parentheses and split into 2 lines
-  * The title you are looking for is usually the second line down from the listHighlight that line and click on the "​Show"​ box on the right side of the screen.+Note: Only 7 lines are allowed on a labelYou may have to make decisions to print the most useful information ​on a labelSee example label below:
-  * Look up in the top red outlined section to choose the correct title You must make sure that it has says "​Per"​ in the call no. and the owner is UM...often there is more than one title to choose from, some having no call no. listed or it will say [electronic version].+| SF | 
 +| 293 | 
 +| M8 | 
 +| M6 | 
 +| v.79:no.4 | 
 +| 2020 | 
 +| June/July |
-  * When you find the correct record from that list, highlight it and click on the "​Serials"​ box on the right side. +--- //​[[annk@umass.edu|Ann Kardos]] 
- +--- //​[[ladydi@library.umass.edu|Diana Pacunas]]//
-  * Most times the issue that we are waiting to receive will be highlighted. ​ If not, go to the correct issue and highlight that line. +
- +
-  * Always compare on Aleph with the periodical in hand to make sure all of the information is correct. ​ i.e. date, month, year, season, volume, issue number, and title. +
- +
-  * Be sure to look at the "Check-In Note" and check to see if there are any specific instructions for you when checking the item in.  For ex. some might want you in insert page nos. in the Internal Note. +
- +
-  * Any information that needs to be corrected must be done in the "​Serial Levels"​ section located on the middle of the page. There you can edit dates, issue nos., seasons, etc. +
-  +
-   ​Jan. ​01           ​Jul. ​07                  Spr - 21 +
-   Feb. - 02           Aug. - 08                  Sum - 22 +
-   Mar. - 03           Sept. - 09                 Fall - 23 +
-   Apr. - 04           Oct. - 10                  Win - 24 +
-   May - 05            Nov. - 11 +
-   Jun. - 06           Dec. - 12             +
- +
- +
- +
-  * After all information is correct and you are ready to check in issue, click on the "​Arrive"​ box on the right side of the screen. +
- +
-  * Now you will have to click on the "​Arrive"​ box again that you see half way down on the screen to the right.  +
- +
-  * The "​Serial Activity Log" box will appear saying that your check in was a success and at that point you can click on the "​Close"​ box. +
- +
-  * Next step is to print out a label for the issue you just checked in. Re-highlight the issue you just checked in....it will automatically jump to the next issue waiting to be received. +
- +
-  * When you have the correct line highlighted for the issue you just checked in, you need to put your cursor somewhat near the "Print Label" box but do NOT click on the box.  Hit Ctrl. backslash (/), and the macro will run it's cycle and print out a label. +
- +
-  * Proofread the label to make sure it is for the issue you just checked in and not from the previous record, that happens sometimes. +
- +
-  * Place the label on the periodical without covering up and pertinent information such as volume, issue number or dates on the front cover. +
- +
- +
- +
-"​Title"​ does a more broad search if you can't locate periodical by the Journal Title. +
- +
-There are a few different ways to search for a title. ​ ISSN, Author, Title and Journal title are the most common that I use.  All of those can be chosen if you go back to the "​Headings List" and change your information there. +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
-  * We have two orders for the following popular magazines, therefore we should get 2 copies of them. +
- +
-    The Advocate (NOT the Valley Advocate) +
-    The Atlantic Monthly +
-    Boston +
-    College & Research Libraries News +
-    Esquire +
-    Kiplinger'​s Personal Finance +
-    Newsweek +
-    The New Republic +
-    New York +
-    New Yorker +
-    Out* (This title has one copy going to the Bindery and the other up to the stacks) +
-    People Weekly +
-    Sports Illustrated +
-    Time +
-  +
-All of these titles will say "​uncat"​ and not have a call number on it when you pull up the title and are trying to find the correct issue. The uncat is the line you want to highlight and check in.  One should check in on the line that has "​10"​ in the Sbs column and that copy will get a display sticker and go up to the 5th Floor Reading Room.  The line below should have a "​20"​ in the Sbs column where you should check in the other copy.  This label will print out saying "UM Collection Services Bindery uncat"​. ​ That copy goes to the bindery area in the orange box on the shelf. ​  +
- +
- +
-****NOTE some Science titles also have 2 copies we get, one going to Display and the other going over to SEL. +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- --- //​[[ladydi@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: ​Diana Pacunas]] ​2012/02/17 14:25//+
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