Serials Workflow: Periodicals Receiving


Note: Separate workflows for serials and periodicals are under review and may be merged in FOLIO.

Receiving a new issue

Receive and create items for individual issues, which are then given to Stacks Management.

  • Go to ALEPH Cataloging mode.
  • Click on the pair of binoculars on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Along the left side under Search, select [B] Browse.
  • Open the Base dropdown box and select UMA Staff Cat.
  • Open the Headings List dropdown box and select Journal Title.
  • In the “Enter Starting Text” box, type in the name of the periodical in your hand.
  • The searched title usually appears as the second line on the list. Highlight and double click the title (or use Show on the right side of the screen).
  • Make sure to select the record that is owned by UM and it says “Per” in the call number. Highlight the record.
  • Choose Items from the lower pane on the right side.
  • Go to the last item received and click on Duplicate.
  • Create an item based on the information from the item in hand. Enter the appropriate information on the corresponding tabs. Start at 5. Serial Levels and enter Enum Level (ex: volume and number) and Chron Level (ex: Month and Year). Enter the information as it is on the piece. Ex: v.3:no.12 for Enum or 1877 for Chron. Enter month if present.
  • Then move to 4. Serial Information. Type a Description based off of the information on the piece. Ex: v.79:no.4 (2020:June/July). Add Arrival Date by selecting from the calendar (choose today's date).
  • Go to 2. General Information (1), put a barcode on the piece and scan it in.
  • Material type should be issue bound (ISSBD). Item status is 11. Click Add.
  • Go to 6. HOL and check to see if the piece is linked to the holdings. Look for a checkmark under “Linked”. If there is no checkmark, click on the Link button on the right.

Done! Be sure all information is saved. This issue is ready for a label.

Printing Labels

  • Go to the label printing station and log in.
  • Scan in the barcode.
  • On the right side, select Label.
  • Remove the period from in front of the Cutter number
  • Remove the line that says Per.
  • If there is a Year and Month caption, remove parentheses and split into 2 lines

Note: Only 7 lines are allowed on a label. You may have to make decisions to print the most useful information on a label. See example label below:


Ann KardosDiana Pacunas

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