Serials Workflow: Periodicals Receiving

Revised September 2020

Note: Separate workflows for serials and periodicals are under review and may be merged in FOLIO.

Receiving a new issue

UMass no longer binds periodicals. Receive and create items for individual issues, which are then added to orange periodical boxes in the stacks. Each issue will now receive a barcode and a call number label.

  • Go to ALEPH Acquisitions/Serials mode. Click on the pair of binoculars on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Along the left side under Search, select [B] Browse.
  • Open the Base dropdown box and select UMA Staff Cat.
  • Open the Headings List dropdown box and select Journal Title.
  • In the “Enter Starting Text” box, type in the name of the periodical in hand.
  • The searched title usually appears as the second line on the list. Highlight and double click the title (or use Show on the right side of the screen).
  • Choose the bib record from the list. Make sure the record is owned by UM and it says “Per” in the call number.
  • NOTE: If you can't find a title, “Title” does a broader search if you are unable to locate periodical by the Journal Title. There are also a few other ways to search for a title. ISSN, Author, Title and Journal title are the most common. All of those can be chosen in the Browse –> Headings List.
  • Highlight the bib record and click on the Serials box on the right side. Then choose (M) Item List.
  • Go to the last item received and click on Duplicate. Create an item based on the information from the item in hand. Enter the appropriate information on the corresponding tabs. Start at Serial Levels (tab 5) and enter Enum Level (ex: volume and number) and Chron Level (ex: Month and Year). This chart may be helpful for adding information in Chron Level (2):
Month Month Season
Jan. - 01 Jul. - 07 Spr - 21
Feb. - 02 Aug. - 08 Sum - 22
Mar. - 03 Sept. - 09 Fall - 23
Apr. - 04 Oct. - 10 Win - 24
May - 05 Nov. - 11
Jun. - 06 Dec. - 12
  • Then move to Serial Information (tab 4). Type a Description based off of the information on the piece. Ex: v.79:no.4 (2020:June/July). Add Arrival Date by selecting from the calendar (choose today).
  • Go to General Information (1) and scan in barcode. Material type should be issue bound (issbd) so they can be loaned for 3 days instead of just 1 day.
  • Go to tab 6 (HOL Links) and check the holdings statement. Holdings should be left open since these are periodicals we are currently receiving. If the holdings statement is not open, select Edit. Create a holdings statement lists the first volume that we own and a dash (left as empty to represent to the present day). If holdings are incomplete, make sure there is a public note for Incomplete holdings. Also be sure that all holdings statements have indicators 41.


866 41 $a v.32 (1972)- $z Incomplete holdings (only add Incomplete holdings if needed)

  • Done! Be sure all information is saved. This issue is ready for a label.

Printing Labels

  • Go to the label printing station and log in.
  • Scan in the barcode.
  • On the right side, select Label.
  • Remove the period from in front of the Cutter number
  • Remove the line that says Per.
  • If there is a Year and Month caption, remove parentheses and split into 2 lines

Note: Only 7 lines are allowed on a label. You may have to make decisions to print the most useful information on a label. See example label below:


Ann KardosDiana Pacunas

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