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-======SERIALS - Gift Serials on Hold Shelf for Annex====== 
-In Spring 2016 Cindy Spell cataloged all gift serials, including the Scandinavian linguistics titles from the UMass Linguistics Department. They are all processed for the Repository, suppressed from public view in ALEPH, and on hold shelves near the sorting tables in the back room until they can be sent to the Annex. All have packing slips. All have been added to OCLC as MAFCI (not AUM), with local holdings records attached. 
-When sending them to the Annex the following needs to be done in ALEPH records: 
-1. "​Globally"​ unsuppress all bib, holdings, and item records in ALEPH. Take the  "​STA ​ SUPPRESS"​ fields out of bib and holdings records. Take "​SU"​ out of Item Process Status in item records. 
-2. "​Globally"​ update, as needed, the holdings record codes in the 852 field  subfield "​b"​ (sublibrary) FCDPT and subfield "​c"​ (collection) FCDPM or FCDPS. The FCDPT will likely not need changing, but the collection code should be whatever code is assigned to the Annex. ​ 
-Consult with Lucy deGozzaldi or Meghan Bergin when it is time to globally update the records, or if there are any problems with the ALEPH or OCLC records. 
-Example of a gift serial processed for the Annex:  ​ 
-ALEPH bib: 14903594 (Íslenskt mál og almenn málfræði). 
-List of ALEPH bib numbers of titles needing the above changes: 
-Lucy deGozzaldi has the above file saved in electronic format for the changes. 
-Copyright monos from Laura Quilter (also on hold shelf for Annex transfer): 
-Page created 4/26/16 C. Spell;​updated 5/3/16 cls 
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