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UMass Amherst Faculty Members Receive Sustainability Curriculum Fellowships

$10,000 Awarded for 2017-18

The Chancellor’s Office has awarded 11 UMass Amherst faculty members with a Sustainability Curriculum Fellowship (SCF) for the 2017-18 school year. The year-long interdisciplinary fellowship provides ten fellowships of $1,000 each (one shared) to faculty developing or augmenting courses with sustainability-related topics.

Fellows will attend monthly meetings, during which they receive guidance with using library resources, assistance with course design or redesign, and reports about campus sustainability policies, projects, and other initiatives. 

The fellowship is supported by the Chancellor’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, in cooperation with UMass Amherst Libraries, the Campus Sustainability Manager from Facilities and Campus Service, the Institute for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development, and the School of Earth and Sustainability.

To date, the SCF program has supported five cohorts of faculty fellows from every college, across two dozen different departments at the university.

This year’s Sustainability Curriculum Fellows are:



Mary Bell and Angela Roell, Stockbridge

Madeleine Charney/Naka Ishii

Nicole Burton, Stockbridge

Madeleine Charney/Naka Ishii

Carol Connare, Journalism

James Kelly

Christina DiMarco-Crook - Food Science

Naka Ishii

Wayne Feiden - LARP

Madeleine Charney

David Glassberg - History

James Kelly

Emily Kumpel - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Maxine Schmidt

Jennifer Merton - Management

J. Michael Davis

Joel Saxe - Communication

Jeremy Smith

Elizabeth Schmidt – Public Policy

Lisa Di Valentino