Known Issues with Accessing Electronic Resources

When connecting to a journal article at the ScienceDirect site from the UMLinks menu, you may receive an error message, such as “Your request cannot be processed at the moment. Please try again later.” This seems to happen most often when using the Firefox browser.


In your Firefox browser's Tools menu select “Clear Private Data.”

Connection ports on computer running MS Vista

If you are unable to connect to our proxy server to login for access to UMass resources, you may need to open a port on your computer to enable the connection. The ports required are listed on our Connection Problems? page.


Microsoft provides a help page, Open a port in Windows Firewall.

Adobe PDF version of e-book or document doesn't display

When you select the PDF version of an e-book on the CRC netBASE platform, e.g. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, and it opens in your browser window, you may only see the Table of Contents but no page content. Simililarly, sometimes PDFs linked from ProQuest databases (ProQuest Congressional), do not open.


  • If you're using Internet Explorer, open Acrobat Reader. Click Edit > Preference > Select Internet > Uncheck “Open PDF in browser.”
  • If you're using Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Applications > Category - Adobe Acrobat Document > and select the version of Acrobat Reader you're using.

Clase Periodica or Worldcat search results from off-campus

If, when using these databases from off-campus, you can't view your search results, you're likely using Internet Explorer or Safari.


Try Firefox.

Adobe PDFs of Ebsco NetLibrary Books

If you're unable to properly display a NetLibrary e-book, you may need to add a plugin to your browser. This is most often true with Macintosh computers and the Firefox browser.


Papers application for Macintosh

To use some features of this program, you need to add a configuration for the proxy server.


In the Papers program:

Many databases don't support Safari

Quite a number of databases including FirstSearch products and Web of Science do not support the newest versions of the Safari browser for Macintosh.


Use Firefox.

Citations in Google Scholar for Cambridge University Press and Wiley journals (and perhaps other publishers) have the wrong year.


Search directly at Cambridge or Wiley once you arrive there for your article or use the EJournal Locator. Or use Web of Science instead of Google Scholar until this problem is fixed.

ILL forms from Compendex for conferences

Engineering Village/Compendex refuses to send conference or proceedings titles in the OpenURL, only the ISSN of the publication or their accession number. They send genre=article, so the journal article ILL form is mostly blank.


ILL staff will need to search Compendex again to locate the missing information.

ILL forms from Web of Science for journal articles when the article WAS a conference report or proceeding

ThomsonReuters insists on sending genre=proceeding if a journal article is a conference report or proceeding. They do not send the conference title however.


Electronic Resources is trying to get the vendor to change. We are also looking into whether we can change the behavior for Web of Science only. In the meanwhile, ILL staff will have to search Web of Science again to get the missing information.

Supported Browsers Lag Behind

IE 9 is not supported by many vendors. Lexis Nexis and ProQuest products as of this writing. Solution: Use Firefox.

Using Kindle Fire

Even on campus, Kindle Fire users must login through EZProxy, because they are connecting from Amazon's server. In order for the Kindle's silk browser to enable EZProxy use, users must UNCHECK the Accelerate Loading Page option.

Siku Quanshu

Siku Quanshu sessions connected from off-campus are abruptly terminated. Vendor of EZProxy is working on the issue 2/7/12.

Primary contact: Christine Turner

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