SFX Update Procedures

ExLibris updates the Knowledgebase [KB] data as well as various software files and some of the manuals each week. Notice of the time and date of the update is sent to asp1 Listserv subscribers.

Help with SFX terms is available at this SFX glossary.

Tips and Notes

  • Release Notes. Username and password for the ExLibris Document portal http://docs.exlibrisgroup.com/docportal can be found in this wiki at: usernames_and_passwords_for_electronic_resources
    • Check the Technical Documentation section for updated manuals and download to W:\\Departmental_Folders\Acquisitions\SFX_Project\Version_3_Manuals. Remove or overwrite the old version.
    • Release notes can be found at Documentation Center>SFX>Technical Documentation>Release Notes>[Year]. Review the spreadsheet by checking applicable software, parser/parse param, target and other changes in SFX. Target name changes affect Menu Display logic and need to be changed in sort_services_config (eventually). Add appropriate Free targets after consulting the Beall's list or other predatory Free/Open Access lists (no policy yet 7/13).
    • Check next week's HTML report for upcoming target deletions and be sure they are deactivated, with object portfolios moved. Check for upcoming changes to targets. Export any target active portfolios that might be affected (e.g. previous titles that might be lost).
  • KB Update Reports are obtainable from SFX Admin>KBUpdate. Setting to “Yes” is supposed to retrieve only UMass active targets but does include UMass formerly-active targets, designated “Inactive”.
    • HTML Report. Check Deleted and Updated “Targets, Target Services, Sources, Source Services” and “Linking Parameters”. Test linking.
    • Text Report. Important: check Deleted Object Portfolios for possible previous title deletions in ejournal packages. Take a look at New and Updated Object Portfolios for anything amiss if there is time. Note: Sometimes text reports supply more information on items in the HTML reports.

Weekly maintenance

  • Clean sessions subdirectory. This terminates live sessions; do when no other staff are using SFX Admin.
    • Login UNIX-side.
    • ds
    • cd sessions
    • rm cgisess_* (if done regularly, there is no need to breakdown with numbers and letters, e.g. rm cgisess_0* and rm cgisess_a*)
    • da, exit
  • Check Stats tables. Unix-side. da>./server_admin_util>5=Statistics>4=Show stats table monitor information>exit
    • Offline table limit is 1,000,000. Check for unusually high number in Online table.
  • Check outstanding SIs.

Monthly maintenance

  • Scratch directory cleanout
    • Web side: SFX KBManager>UNIX File Manager>dbs>scratch
    • DO NOT DELETE: Sessions Directory! Recent e_collection files (MARCIt files). Institutional holdings file (Google Scholar/WorldCat holdings).
  • Export directory cleanout
    • Web side: SFX KBManager>Admin>Unix File Manager>Export
  • bX Statistics file cleanout
    • After notification that a successful harves has occurred, clean the OAI_REPOSITORY table.
      • da, ./server_admin_util
      • 5=Statistics
      • 9=Clean OAI_REPOSITORY table
      • 1=Delete all OAI_REPOSITORY table records
      • y=erase all records in table OAI_REPOSITORY
      • q, exit

Other Maintenance

  • Cron jobs: These are presently running as scheduled jobs see: sfx_cron_jobs
    • Table repair
    • Google/OCLC WorldCat Local holdings export
    • AZ and RSI Index build
    • Clearing SFX_REQUEST table
    • Clearing SFX logs. This is currently set up as a cron job. If it becomes necessary to do manually, it should be done every few weeks.
      • Login>da>./server_admin_util menu>2=Filesystem Maintenance>4=Clean /exlibris…umass/logs>N=Prompt for removal of each file?
  • Statistics export and archiving and reports are presently not scheduled jobs. Keep the tables below 1,000,000.

Primary contact: Catherine Knapp

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