SFX Down

Instructions for reporting SFX failures to ExLibris and the UMass Libraries community. When any SFX component affecting end-users is not functioning, including the A-Z list or SFX menus, there are specific reporting procedures.

Diagnosis: When SFX is down, UMLinks to electronic resources do not function, the ejournals A-Z list is unavailable, databases may be searched directly, UMA WorldCat and the Five College Catalog are available, but menus linking to electronic resources will not display.

  • Check http://status.exlibrisgroup.com/ for known service interruptions, scheduled maintenance, etc. Our server is SFX NA05.
  • Submit a support case in Salesforce with “System Down” as the priority level. Salesforce
    • If unable to send a support case, send an email to 24x7hub@exlibrisgroup.com. Provide your name, name of institution, a phone number where you can be reached, SFX as product, support case number (next).
  • Call the ExLibris 24/7 Hub, explaining which components of SFX are down and provide the number of your support case. 1-877-445-5693.
  • If the issue is not cleared up quickly, submit a Web Help Request ticket Web Help Request on LibWire
    • Request that some or all of the following message be posted on the UMass Library home page: ”(Date/time, e.g.: 12/20 @ 2:45): SFX linking to electronic resources, SFX menus, and the ejournals list may be unavailable. Databases, UMA WorldCat and the Five College Catalog are available to search directly. ”
  • Call Josh to notify him that ticket has been submitted. 5-3972
  • Post message on Database Locator page. Database Locator on wiki
  • email UM Library staff the message above at libforum-l@library.umass.edu

Ex Libris promises to reply within an hour, so call or email Ex Libris if they have not responded. For more information, see the ExLibris 24×7 Down System Support FAQ at W:\DEPARTMENTAL_FOLDERS\Acquisitions\SFX_Project\Version_4_Manuals.

When ExLibris notifies us that SFX has resumed functioning and it is so, send an email notifying libforum-l@library.umass.edu and a Web Help Request to remove Library homepage message.

Note: UMass production alias: umass

Primary contact: Catherine Knapp

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