Receiving Monographs in Non-Shelf-Ready Shipments


Recognizing monographic versus serials mail

It's not always clear from the packaging which items are serials(for Diana and Judy to receive) and which are monographs (for Susan) but items likely to be monographs often have one of these characteristics

  • Says “RUSH”
  • Addressed to Rebecca Addison
  • Sent from Amazon

Unpacking monographs

  • If package contains a single book, put any paperwork in the book
  • If package contains a DVD or multiple items, rubber band the items that came in the same package together, including any paperwork

Receiving items

  • Search for each item by title in Aleph.
  • Make sure each item matches retrieved bibliographic record and invoice and is not a duplicate to any additional records.
  • If item does not match record, determine whether this is due to the wrong record being downloaded at the point of ordering, or due to the wrong item being sent. You may want to consult with Rebecca Addison to help discover the selector's intentions
  • Check item off on invoice or packing slip, noting the order number of each item on that paperwork.
  • Check for any routing notes in order record, and insert routing slip as appropriate. (See Routing Notes for New Books for details.)
  • Arrive item in Aleph and change item processing status to “PC.”
  • If the item is a book, and its bibliographic record meets the standards found in the FASTCAT Instructions, add a Holdings record
  • If a book's bibliographic record does not meet these standards, search OCLC for a better record, whether an update of the current bibliographic record or a replacement with a better record
  • Direct item to the appropriate location for further cataloging or for end processing.
  • If a note in the order record for an item indicates Rush status, write “RUSH,” and copy information from the note in the record onto the routing slip. Copy cataloged Rush books go to Linda Fish. Rush music scores and music CDs or DVDs go to Peter Shea. Rush videocassettes and DVDs go to Barbara, unless their Library Note indicates “Streaming Rush,” in which case they go to Gabe Stetson. Rush books that lack good cataloging copy may be directed to Peter Shea or Sarah Thomson. Rush books that have most necessary bibliogaphic fields but lack a completed 300 (physical description) field can be given to Eva Carrier. She may also be able to help with English-language books that do not have acceptable copy available in OCLC.
  • Once all items on a packing list or invoice have been arrived and the appropirate notations written on it, give it to Rebecca

Situations requiring additional procedures


  • Check for notes about endowments (e.g. “JFK Memorial” ; “Litauer Fund”) in records.
  • Some endowments require a plate to be added to the book, and this will be noted in a library note in the order record. Write this on a routing slip as appropriate
  • Note endowment on the invoice or packing slip
  • All items on the same invoice should have the same endowment note in their order records. If there are multiple endowments, or some items with and some items without endowments, it needs to be brought to Rebecca's attention.

(See Endowment Fund Orders for more information on endowments, including procedures for ordering materials using endowment funds.)

Art Approval Plan Books and Children's/Juvenile Award Books These monographic materials are sent automatically, but are not shelf-ready, and have no pre-existing records in ALEPH.

  • On receiving these Art or Children's books, search OCLC for matching record for each item
  • Export matching record from OCLC to ALEPH
  • Find exported record in ALEPH, and attach an order record.
  • Give order record attached to an Art Approval book's bib record an Order Group of “Art,” and a vendor code of “WWBKS”
  • Give order record attached to a Children's Award book an Order Group of “ChildLit” and a vendor code of “YANK4.”
  • Record each item's price in “List Price” under the “Quantity and Price” tab of the ALEPH order record
  • Under “Price Note” select “APPROVALS-2012” (using the current fiscal year.)
  • Click “Add” button. (Do not do this before the “Price Note” step, as the Price Note cannot be edited after the “Add” button is pressed.)
  • Record the order number of the order you just created on the invoice or packing slip
  • Continue processing as with any other monographic item. The only other difference at this point is that children's picture books receive a Collection designation of “UJUV” rather than “UGEN.”

Books sent with a packing list from Public Works and Government Services Canada

  • Search OCLC for title, and download if we do not already own the item
  • Create an item record, but no order record
  • Code as 02, Gift
  • Discard packing list

Monographic Continuations

Volume information on the book, and/or in the record may indicate that the title is not complete in the single item in hand.

Receiving DVDs

  • Open packaging and inspect each DVD to ensure that it's not noticeably damaged
  • The receiver needs to ensure that the correct DVD(s) has/have been received, but FASTCAT standards are not applicable, and the Cataloger will determine/create the optimal cataloging record. If information in the record is ambiguous or seems an imperfect match to the item received, consult with Rebecca to determine if the correct item has been sent.
  • Put order number and other relevant information found in the order record on the packing slip or invoice, and give to Rebecca once fully processed, as with all other types of receiving
  • Using the DVD Routing Slip (see Susan or Lisa to obtain these) record “date rec'd” and check off other relevant data on the slip as it's found in the Library Note in the item's Order Record.
  • Write something in “Notes” at the bottom of the DVD Routing Slip to indicate that the correct item has indeed been received, if it's likely the Cataloger will question it, based on the record.
  • Attach Routing Slip to DVD container using a rubber band
  • Put a piggy-back barcode on the top of the slip and wand it in to the item record
  • Give Streaming RUSH DVDs to Gabe, non-streaming RUSH DVDs to Barbara, and put non-RUSH DVDs on their shelf

Primary Contact: Susan Pease

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