Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection

Beginning point:

A. Billing provides a withdrawal slip.

B. Book Repair provides info re a damaged book.

Step 1: Check bib record to see if there is a 583 field indicating that the library has made a retention commitment to EAST. If so, proceed to “Missing EAST materials” below.

Step 2: Add “MI” to item “Status.”

Step 3: Add Circ. Note: “WDN 6-30-16; initials (Reason for withdrawal)”

Decision point: If there are other available items, the process is finished. If there is only one item:

Step 4: Suppress HOL record: (Field is “STA”; enter “SUPPRESSED” in field.)

Step 5: Suppress Bib record (as per HOL) and add 910 with “withdraw.”

Step 6: Check OPAC to confirm, “The library does not have available items.”

Step 7: Remove holdings from WorldCat.

End of process: If slip is from Billing, return slip to Billing.

Missing East Materials

Please refer to the EAST Replacement Policy https://eastlibraries.org/sites/default/files/BLC_Uploads/EAST%20Replacement%20Procedures%20%281%29.pdf.

If there is a 583 indicating that the library has made a retention commitment to EAST for the item being withdrawn:

Check to see if we hold more than one copy (of the same edition).

  • If so, withdraw the missing item. The other item will be retained for EAST.
  • If not, give the withdrawal slip(s) to Acquisitions, which they will return when their process is complete. Acquisitions will attempt to order replacements. Identical editions are always preferred, but print facsimiles are acceptable when necessary. EAST has not established a policy for exact editions, so we will follow our own local procedures in determining what is an acceptable replacement copy.
  • If the title is replaceable, Acquisitions will return the withdrawal slips, and replacements will be added following replacement procedures.
  • If the title is not replaceable, the EAST Retention Partner is expected to find a replacement retention copy.

Step 1: Search the Five Colleges catalog (first) then the EAST Retention Database (second) https://east-retention-db.appspot.com/ to determine if another 5 Colleges or EAST Retention Partner holds a copy that has not been designated an EAST retention commitment. (Preference will be to select a 5 College Partner.)

Step 2: Contact the EAST Retention Partner library to request that they add a commitment to their copy. The request should include: title, OCLC number, and a link to WorldCat record.

Step 3: If the library receiving the request is willing to commit to retain their copy, both libraries will follow EAST procedures for recording and removing retention commitment statements in catalogs.

Step 4: If the library receiving the request does not agree to commit to retain their copy, the requesting library will follow EAST procedures for removing retention commitment statements in catalogs, and withdraw the item from the library.

Primary contact: Marcelle Lipke 2016/11/18 14:09

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