Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection

Beginning point:

A. Billing provides a withdrawal slip.

B. Book Repair provides info re a damaged book.

Step 1: Add “MI” to item “Status.”

Step 2: Add Circ. Note: “WDN 6-30-16; initials (Reason for withdrawal)”

Decision point: If there are other available items, the process is finished. If there is only one item:

Step 3: Suppress HOL record: (Field is “STA”; enter “SUPPRESSED” in field.)

Step 4: Suppress Bib record (as per HOL) and add 910 with “withdraw.”

Step 5: Check OPAC to confirm, “The library does not have available items.”

Step 6: Remove holdings from WorldCat.

End of process: If slip is from Billing, return slip to Billing.

Primary contact: Marcelle Lipke 2016/10/18 14:09

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