Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes

After we cancel a subscribed title, or a publisher ceases publishing, we sometimes maintain access to some or all of the years to which we subscribed. The arrangement varies by publisher.

Canceling an online subscription journal. Check for perpetual access rights.

  1. Check EbscoNet for information on perpetual access rights. If not clear:
  • See table below.
  • Check Perpetual Access paper file under the publisher.
  • Email the publisher if necessary
  • Note: EbscoNet cannot supply information about years we subscribed via another agent e.g. Swets or the publisher direct.

Perpetual access process

  1. Close the order record and add a new standing order record with status PA and method of acquisition PX.
  2. Add a note to the order record: PA, dates of access, location of access, current date, your initials.
  3. Change the SFX threshold and add an internal description in the format “PA, dates of access, initials.” Notes may be searchable in future SFX exports.
  4. Close the threshold in the LOCKSS target for the title, if applicable.
  5. If title is completely deactivated in SFX (no other active targets), add title to W:\WorldCat Local\SFX_Deactivated_Titles_after_Dec2013_WCL_load.xlsx

Ordering Journals. Tracking Perpetual Access.

  • Create a second order record, status PA, acquisition method PX and description of perpetual access years in the note field.
  • Add vendor note about where perpetual access is available, e.g. LOCKSS, Portico, Local, No back-up.

Title Ceases

  • If a title to which we've subscribed ceases and our perpetual access is not maintained by the publisher, check to see if publisher and title were members/registered at Portico. The Libraries are Portico members and would get access to the content at Portico.

Publisher Policies

Publisher Perpetual Access Policy
American Chemical Society No perpetual access for subscription titles except on disc.
American Mathematical Society Perpetual access at Portico for years paid. But we must email Portico for access. See paper file. Note that scans of all invoices will be requested.
Bio One Perpetual access to years paid. Also uses LOCKSS and Portico (Portico requires registration and proof of sub/purchase.)
Brill “After canceling a subscription, you get perpetual access to the volumes you subscribed to from current content (i.e. content published from year 2000).” website 1/2012
Cambridge University Press Perpetual access guaranteed for titles to the years to which we subscribed, even if they cease publication or move to another publisher. In a rare case, a society will remove titles from CJO. See paper file. Use CAMBRIDGE_UNIVERSITY_PRESS_JOURNALS_COMPLETE target for all PA titles including NERL.
Canadian Mathematical Society No perpetual access.
Emerald Group Emerald Management 95 package: perpetual access to 2003-2005, see paper file.
Geological Society (UK) Perpetual access to years paid but must request when cancellation is made.
Guilford Press Access to issues of years in which we paid, for at least 10 years.
Indiana Magazine of History/Indiana University JSTOR Current Scholarship program - PA back to first “born digital” issue.
International Press Per Ebsconet, perpetual access to all content up to and including last-paid subscription year is retained.
John Benjamins Perpetual access to years paid for print (subs are print+free online) from 2000 -
Liverpool University Press Perpetual access to online even for years we paid for print.
Maney Perpetual access to online even for years we paid for print. See paper file.
Nature Publishing Group Perpetual access to subscribed years at Nature. See paper file for 2006 NERL license, section 4.6 “Post-supply license.”
OECD iLibrary Perpetual access to all subscribed content and archive since 1998.
Ovid Perpetual access to online for years we paid for online.See paper file.
Oxford University Press Perpetual access to online for years we paid for online; pdf only. See paper file.
ScienceDirect, Freedom Collection Perpetual access to online for subscribe-to-years. See paper file.
Pion Perpetual access to online for years we paid for online.See paper file.
Springer Per Ebsconet, perpetual access to paid content for up to 2 years. After 2 years, perpetual access is maintained for a server fee.
Taylor & Francis Per Ebsconet, perpetual access to online for years we paid for online. See paper file.
University of Wisconsin Per Ebsconet, perpetual access to years we paid.
Wiley Online Library - Subscriptions, CORE Perpetual access generally back to 1997, or when Wiley started publication. Portico is post-cancellation access provider. Titles free with bundle retain access. See paper file.

Primary contact: Catherine Knapp

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