Microforms Overview **DRAFT**

Guides to Microforms

  1. Add 590 notes in holdings records:
  • for microform set:

590 For guide to the microform set see: [call no.]

  • for printed guide:

590 For microform text see: [call no.]

  1. Classify guide by subject and catalog to the stacks.

Microform call numbers

Assign consecutive accession numbers to microforms as follows: ==== Microfilm: ====

Du Bois Library:

  • Microfilm A:
                     All periodical records 
                     All serial records

Population census publication sets (both monographic and serial)

                        published by Research Publications
  • Microfilm D:
                    Large government document sets 
                        (United States and Massachusetts only) 
                    U.S. Dept. of State. Records of ... 
                        (from the U.S. Archives) 
                    Dispatches from American embassies and consuls 
                        (usually from U.S. Archives) 
                        Note:  Series D Microfilm is to be used for any U.S. governmental type series, including large sets of diplomatic papers, census of any specific year, etc. 
                        This series has also been used for some state documents, such as the Massachusetts legislative records, etc. 
                        There are a variety of items in the general series which appear to be in categories that should have been placed in the D series. 
                Microfilm (Plain number only): 
                    All monographs 
                    Confidential records of the U.S. Dept. of State 
                    Other governmental records 
                    U.S. Presidential records 
            Physical Sciences and Engineering Library: 
                Physical Sciences Microfilm: All records 
       ====  Microfiche: ====
            Du Bois Library: 
                Microfiche: All records 
                Reference Microfiche: When requested by the Reference Department 
            Physical Science and Engineering Library: 
                Physical Sciences Microfiche: All records 
            Music Library: 
                No microfiche designation.  When requested by the Music Library staff for the Music Library, title is classified in LC classification (usually the microfiche is placed in a binder). 
        ==== Microprint and Microcard ====
            Du Bois Library: 
                Microprint: All records 
                Microcard: All records 
            Physical Sciences and Engineering Library: 
                Physical Sciences Microcard: All records 

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