SFX Cron Jobs

Job Time (see note below) Notes
Clear SFX requests 01:11 a.m. every night
Google Scholar file 03:30 a.m. on Monday morning Beginning Sept. 2009 this file also used by OCLC for eSerials service. OCLC ignores ebooks in file.
Clean Apache log files 02:17 a.m. on Sunday morning Cleans log files.
Table Maintenance & Repair 02:30 a.m. every month on the second day Setup by ExLibris
RSI Index + A-Z Index Builder 03:03 a.m. every morning For ejournal list, index and multi-object menu
Statistic Queries 6-7:20 a.m. the 14th of the month Runs Queries and sends reports to cknapp email

Note: times are Central time. SFX server is in Chicago. Also note there are index build jobs associated with the ebooks functionality which are not shown here. Best to check with support before adding another job which might conflict with “hidden” ones or with the backup.

To setup cron jobs
  • See the SFX Manuals for details. SFX Manuals are updated regularly. Local copies live at W:\Departmental_Folders\Acquisitions\SFX_Project\Version 4 Manuals or can be obtained at the ExLibris Customer Center http://www.customercenter.exlibrisgroup.com.
    • A list of cron jobs can be found Unix-side: Login>da>crontab -l
    • Edit the crontab by typing “crontab -e” at the main prompt.
    • Statistics reports crons can be setup via each of the Statistics Queries (sends to email) but old crons need to be removed UNIX side.
    • Google Scholar job was setup by registration procedure in the KB, but edited in crontab to add ebook export.
    • AZ, RSI and other index jobs also setup via server_admin_util. Can be edited in crontab.
    • Do not move stats by cron! As of April 2011 we don't cron stats moves because it moves most recent first and we need to monitor table space and file size. We move statistics manually both online to offline and offline to archives. Lists of the archived files can be found on this wiki at: sfx_statistics_archives_files

Primary contact: Catherine Knapp

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