IP Address Ranges

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Campus RangesLocationNotes
128.119.*.* Main campus range
192.195.196.* President's office (Whitmore) Donohue Institute (subset of range at Umass Boston -; 10/5/06 ct
72.19.64-127.* Residence Halls added 1/1/2005 Donahue Institute/President's Office Hadley added 1/2007
69.16.16-31.* President's office added per lhb 5/25/07 President's office “Franklin Street” added per lhb 5/25/07
205.172.168-171.* North Residential campus added 10/08 per C.Misra
Same ranges as above in Highwire syntax Same ranges as above in CIDR Form
Particular locations on campus
UMass Proxy server
Du Bois range 128.119.168.*
Du Bois range 128.119.169.*
Du Bois range 128.119.170.*
Du Bois range 128.119.171.*
Learning Commons and ATC Computers 128.119.156.*
SEL Computers plus
SEL Computers
InterNano crawler
NAT gateways which serve multiple computers Biology Dept gateway in Morrill Gateway in Morrill (geosciences?) Gateway in Morrill (microbiology?) Physics Dept Chemistry dept Chemistry dept Chemistry dept Future Chem/Biochem gateways
Other Institutions
UM-Boston 158.121.*.* OK 10/30/13 hd
UM-Dartmouth 134.88.*.* OK 10/30/13 hd their proxy server is at:
UM-Lowell 129.63.*.* OK 5/10/05 lfm their proxy server is at:
UM-Worcester 146.189.*.* Edited OK 10/30/13 hd
Amherst College 148.85.*.*
Hampshire College proxy server
Mt. Holyoke 138.110.*.*
Smith 131.229.*.*

Primary contact: Linda Matson

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